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    Hey there! I'm Chloe West, owner of Diamond Bar Ranch.

    Welcome to my import service! I have been around a few Facebook groups for roughly a year now. I strive to make the best stock horses I can. Including, but not limited to, American Quarter Horses, American Paint Horses & the Odd Appaloosa. I also am offering my newest English Bred stock template.

    I am able to make custom markings, and most coat's. Although some are more of a challenge than others!

    † MY RULES †

    Please read carefully! By doing business with me, you agree to these TOS.
    If these rules are broken, I have every right to reclaim and resell.

    If you cannot provide a good, active home for this horse, please do not apply.

    These are very simple & very "common sense" rules.

    You will NOT upload this horse to a mass download site.
    You will NOT breed this horse without my consent first.
    You will NOT copy it's coat or template and make multiples from it.
    You will NOT change my prefix. You are allowed to change the show name.

    † PAYMENT †

    As of now, I will be accepting the following in return for my services.
    Please note that I am very picky with these trades, but any horses I receive will remain active:

    EC Currency
    Custom Markings
    Custom Lots
    Custom Worlds
    Private CC {Literally shoot me a DM and we can talk about anything}

    † Examples † (updating)

    Please note my template is 100% custom to myself, made by me, based on AQHA regulations.

    † Application †

    Your name:
    Your stable:
    Type: (Western Stock/English Stock/Blind Import)
    Your offer: (see above) (please link to examples)

    † OPENINGS †

    → Richard Sterling ♥ DONE
    → Riz Artemidoros ♥ DONE
    → Richard Sterling ♥ DONE
    → Breanna Fahnestock ♥ DONE
    → Kornelia Dowolski ♥ DONE

  • My first import is complete! Thank you for your business @Richard-Sterling !

    Custom markings made by myself, my personal template and I'm loving this mare, shes started under saddle but her future is up to you! Very willing and intelligent, her head is wherever you put it.

    † DBR Lookin Lika Model †

    • Bay Roan Tovero mare
      *5 years old
    • Ee Aa RR nO nW20
      {Will always have roan babies with the RR if that's not something you want then feel free to replace with nR}

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Thank you again for getting more DBR stockies out there!

  • Your name: Riz Artemidoros
    Your stable: Areion Equestrian Center
    Type: Blind
    Gender: Surprise me
    Color: Surprise me
    Your offer: I can offer a lot of things, depends on what you would like :)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock , I can defiantly try this! I will DM you!

  • Your name: Aerys Ell
    Your stable: Cambridge Stud
    Type: English Stock
    Gender: Surprise me
    Color: Something with dun
    Your offer: 15k

  • Your name: Veola Loveless
    Your stable: Cloud 9 Ranch
    Type: Western Stock
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Surprise meeeee
    Your offer: Sim-port <3

  • Your name: Kornelia Dowolska
    Your stable: KD Stud
    Type: English Stock
    Gender: could you decide^^
    Color: something uniqe, suprise me <3
    Can offer: lmports, 10.000 EC or a foal of my polish warmblood breeding^^

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock, Your import :D a stunning cremello English bred quarter horse. Ready to go in any direction you please! I will send files when payment is made!

    alt text

  • @Riz-Artemidoros your blind import is finished! This guy(girl?) is super close to me, as I fell in love with him while creating him. I hope you enjoy :D

    alt text

  • @Kornelia-Dowolski , you asked for unique, so here you go!

    alt text

  • @Chloe-West said in Diamond Bar Ranch | Imports & Trades | Closed Until I've caught up!:

    @Riz-Artemidoros your blind import is finished! This guy(girl?) is super close to me, as I fell in love with him while creating him. I hope you enjoy :D

    alt text

    Look at that baby! He's going to be a great addition to my herd!

  • @Riz-Artemidoros I can't wait to see! I hope you enjoy!

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