[FOUND] Titled Warmblood Eventing Parents

  • Hey there everyone! I am ISO titled warmblood eventing parents.

    The horse is already made and she is bay, so genetics must allow for bay offspring. If you only have a mare or a stud that is fine, I can mix and match horses from different owners. I prefer the following:

    • Open to almost any Warmblood breeds
    • Must be under 30k stud/mare fee
    • Prefer titled horses but it is ok if they are not titled and are still showing
    • Prefer 100+ pts but open to horses with less if they are still showing
    • Must allow for bay offspring
    • Prefer horses with lineage that I don't already have in my barn

    Let me know if you have something that may fit the bill!

  • I have a couple of stallions up for stud

    FDS Xtreme - Hanoverian liver chestnut (he has LEC-lines though that's in pretty much every horse on ES). Retired at 213pts, Main Site

    Honeybrook Seastar - KWPN smoky black (should be able to produce bay with the right mare I think). Retired at 208pts, Main Site

    Dionysos REC - Hanoverian bay. Retired at 205pts, Main Site

    Dequartes L - SWB black. Retired at 204pts, Main Site

    CDC Darian - Hanoverian bay (he has your lines in his pedigree though). Retired at 203pts, Main Site

    I might have a mare or two to offer as well, I can check that when I get back home again.



    Coriana L - Bay SWB. Retired at 280pts, Main Site

    Natiqua van Alder - Bay Oldenburg. Retired at 212pts, Main Site

    Divine L - Bay SWB. Retired at 208pts, Main Site

    Not a WB but I'll list her anyway
    Capitola SHS - Bay TB. Retired at 208pts, Main Site

    I take $100/each discipline points for BIY's

  • Hello!

    I can offer you Vanaheim's Ravensglass, a 2nd gen Selle Français as a stud. He comes from my own bloodlines, so unlikely there'll be any conflict with your own. He's young, (currently only 34 points in eventing), but he passes on 6 bonus points in eventing. I own both his parents, (still competing, 93 and 115 points currently), so the foal will have more bonuses incoming! He's also Ee/aa, so he can still throw a bay with the right dam.

    I can also offer you Vanaheim's Theodora as a dam, (by Nimmerdor FN out of PCRA Utopia). Again, she's young and at the start of her career, but the two together pass on 10 bp in eventing at the moment, and 8bp in show jumping, should you like the option!

  • PR Committee

    I can offer Siren's Curse as an eventing stud; he's retired from competing with all his titles and will give 15 bonus points to his foals. And for a mare, I can offer Storeybrook, an older Dutch Warmblood mare just getting back into being active again. She currently has 120pts in eventing and is still competing, and will give her foals 13 bonus points.

  • I can offer VPE Hayabusa as an eventing mare, she is still competing, currently holding 131 points. Will compete her until 200 pts. She is a tobiano but is heterogeneous, so could throw a bay foal. For stallions, I have two, both still competing, SG Red Wings, with 103 points and Vallado AV Eloyard who has 76, they are chestnut and bay respectively. All are KWPN and Vallado is the only foundation, all others come from previous lineages.

    VPE Hayabusa - 11 pt bonus
    SG Red Wings - 6 pt bonus(also gives a SJ bonus)
    Vallado Av Eloyard - 2 pt bonus

    I am very negotiable on price, more looking to get their bloodlines out there then to get money.

  • Sent you a link on Slack! :)

  • I have SCA Infinity and Beyond - 189 points and still competing. He is a foundation though


  • *Sneaks in *

    MBS Carmina British WB 192 p. Gives +4, receives +13 Active
    OCN Oh, Lady Dahl British SH 150p. Gives +4 Receives +24 Active
    fixstern Bay-B British WB 70p. Gives +2 Receives +7 Active
    DPPR Swan Song British SH 67p. Gives +2 Receives +25 Active
    fixstern Diamante en Bruto Spanish SH CDE 59 p. Gives +2 Receives +7 Active

  • Youre always welcome to my horses :) Will add some of my suitable horses to this tonight!

  • You're always welcome to any of my horses, Michelle! :heart: I think I have way too many eventing options (it's a serious problem) so I've narrowed it down some and tried to make sure they're new lines for you, but I'm open to offering others as well. So here's a gigantic list for you. :sweat_smile:


    • Tanns Nobelmann - black (EE aa) Westphalian stallion, 281 points, gives +9 eventing
    • CDC Naubolus - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion, 261 points, gives +15 eventing - WHM Henri d'Aramitz son, uncommon DEC lines through damline
    • CDC Felicien - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion, 266 points, gives +11 eventing - uncommon WHM lines
    • CDC Tux 'n Tails - black sabino (Ee aa nW) Trakehner stallion, 262 points, gives +8 eventing/+5 dressage
    • WHM Dare I Say - bay (EE Aa) Trakehner stallion, 261 points, gives +8 eventing - uncommon WHM lines
    • DEC Fortissimo - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion, 230 points, gives +5 eventing - uncommon DEC lines
    • Monachyle's Kevelaer - bay (Ee AA) Trakehner stallion, 229 points, gives +5 eventing - uncommon lines
    • CDC Finnikin - chestnut (ee Aa) Trakehner stallion, 206 points, gives +11 eventing - uncommon DEC and WHM lines
    • Breaking Even SHS - black (EE aa) Finnish Warmblood stallion, 227 points, gives +5 eventing/+8 show jumping
    • WHM Barolo - grey (chestnut) (ee AA Gg) Trakehner stallion, 226 points, gives +5 eventing - uncommon WHM/OP lines


    • DMS Enya - grey (chestnut) (ee Aa Gg Ff) Belgian Warmblood mare, 263 points, gives +11 eventing - uncommon DMS lines
    • Marzipan S - buckskin (Ee Aa nCr Ff) Trakehner mare, 256 points, gives +5 eventing - uncommon lines
    • Nouvelle CN - bay (Ee Aa) Swedish Warmblood mare, 240 points (166 show jumping points), gives +10 eventing/+7 show jumping - uncommon CN lines
    • What's This xx - seal brown (Ee A^tAt) Thoroughbred mare, 240 points, gives +5 eventing - uncommon lines
    • CDC Belgravia - black (Ee aa) Oldenburg mare, 220 points, gives +5 eventing
    • CDC Tyene - chestnut (ee AA Ff) Trakehner mare, 239 points, gives +13 eventing - WHM Henri d'Aramitz daughter
    • Monachyle's Valancé - chestnut (ee aa) Trakehner mare, 246 points, gives +12 eventing - uncommon Rohirrim lines through sire

  • I only have one mare her name is PCRA/FWEC Supernatural Pressure. She's a grey (bay) 3rd generation Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) mare, she recives +17 pedigree points in Eventing and gives +13. Pressure is a recent acquisition, but our idea is to keep showing until 150-200 points.

    If you need more information send me a pm :slight_smile:

  • I also have some stallions to offer:

    • Omicron NC (2nd gen palomino Trakehner / gives +6 in Eventing & + 4 in SJ)
    • Havel's Duilant (6th gen chestnut Hanoverian* / gives +8 in Eventing)
    • HRST Leviathan (2nd gen grey (bay) Trakehner / gives +12 in Eventing)
    • Havel's Siebenstein (3rd gen buckskin tobiano German Sport Horse / gives +14 in Eventing)

    *Duilant is registered a Trakehner but HE IS a Hanoverian as his sire is a Hanoverian (and Trakehner accepts no other WB outcrosses). I'm still at it to have this possibly changed, because there could be struggle if you use a dam that is not Hanoverian to register the offspring as Hanoverian (due to their breeding standarts of at least one parent has to be Hanoverian) ... sorry for this long explanation :see_no_evil:

  • Thank you all for the responses! I have so many to choose from, I am going to think about these beautiful babies and will DM the owners. Thanks everyone! <3

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