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  • I have not received an activation code for my main account, its been 5 days since I signed up. My account name is Deborah Beeborn.

    Thank you Debbie

  • Competition Committee

    Have you made an account on the forum? :) I believe you need to make an account on the forum first.

  • PR Committee

    Hi Debbie! as Toni stated in the message above, you must first make a forum account. You shouldn't receive an activation code or email. If your account is made in the correct format you should be able to login with the username and password you signed up with. Please email me @ if you are having issues. I'm happy to help!

  • Hi I'm still not able to get in my EQUUS main account. Deborh Beeborn.

  • Hi My name is Gabrielle and I made account yesterday and I'm still waiting.... thanks

  • Guest said in Activation Email:

    Hi My name is Gabrielle and I made main account yesterday and I'm still waiting.... thanks

  • I have had my Forum account for a little over 17 days and made a main site registration under the name Chrissie Souza (same as on here with same Avi picture) but havent heard or received anything like an activation email, do I need to make another registration?

  • PR Committee

    Main site accounts are approved by a separate member as I am only responsible for approving forum accounts. It is the holiday season approvals may be a little bit slower than usual. Thank you for patience. The member responsible for main site accounts will approve them when they have time! If you know you made a forum acccount in the correct format then it was probably approved and you can try to login. If you received an email it means your account was denied for a given reason.

  • Administrators

    Hello, I apologize for being slow to reply to this post!

    The Deborah Beeborn and Chrissie Souza accounts have been accepted, thank you for your patience and welcome to Equus! There are no pending accounts for anyone named Gabrielle. Please make sure you first make an account here on our forum with the correct name format, (Firstname Lastname) before trying to make a mainsite account. The lovely Danielle provided her email address above and should be able to help you get signed up on the forum if you are having a hard time!

  • @Nikki-Calvaria
    Thank you so much for your help and the information. I'll try my login info and see if it works. If I have trouble I'll be sure to send an email to the person mentioned. Again Thank You <3

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