[Ends 24 hours after last bid] Westwood Estate horse auctions

  • Hi!
    Im glad that you decited to take a look and actually read the post.
    So, i have written some of my rules then buying and/or bidding from me, hope you take your time to read them before bidding too much xD

    • Do not reuse the template or coat
    • Do not change the prefix (WEE)
    • Do not Misuse the horse, including use in breeding
    • Do not Edit the coat (shine markings may be adjusted)
    • Do not Resell the horse (If you want to, contact me and i may take the horse back, or you get my permission to resell it)
    • Do not Upload or send the file to anyone (Exept for me)
    • Feel free to change the horse mane and tail style (Not color), tack, shines
    • I Can't Send out my markings because of some private files i have (And my folder is one big pile of mess)
    • Feel free to replace missing markings then you get the horse but! I need to accept the change you made
    • The horse need to have a main site profile after 2 weeks, counting from the day you get the file
    • Then/if you go with the winning bid, please send you'r mail asap so i can send the file

    The avaliable horses or/and pons can be found in the first post :)

    OBS! If you are just in love with a horse, you can just skip the auction by commenting name and then your offer, i may reject the offers, im sorry if i do.
    Of course you can only do this by offering more than the horse max bid currently is. Make sure to be clear that it is an buy now offer and not a bid if you want to do this :)

  • Avaliable horses

    alt text
    Name: Captain Hadock WEE
    Sex: Stallion
    Main site id:
    Breed: Canadian horse
    Dicsiplin: Dressage
    Starting price: 4k
    End date: 24 Hours after the last bid

    alt text
    Name: Windy Weather WEE
    Sex: Mare
    Main site id: 34091
    Breed: KWPN
    Dicsiplin: Dressage
    Starting price: 6k
    End date: 24 hours ALB

    alt text
    Name: Haunteu WEE
    Sex: Stallion
    Main site id: None
    Breed: Canadian horse
    Dicsiplin: Dressage
    Starting price: 6k
    End date: 24 hours ALB

  • SB ~ Minoria WEE

  • New horse up for auktion ;)

  • Dang you
    Minoria WEE - 3k

  • Minoria WEE sold to @Allison-Person for 3k. Write your mail to me private to get my rules and the file.

  • Draboa WEE is sold to Nina Wolfbear private, therefore the auction is now closed :)

  • New horse added!

  • Still an active auction!
    Ill try to make a few more auction horses soon, but school is in first row

  • Still a dutsh warmblood horse avaliable

  • Klara WEE - SB 😍

  • Bid accepted! :)

  • @Miranda-Gage winns Klara! Text your mail for me to send the file

  • 2 new horses up!
    Im sorry for the morning sunlight, but i didnt had time for waiting for it to be daytime xD

  • Photo's updated, now daytime xD


  • Starting bid on Marlin WEE <3

  • @Veola-Loveless wins Marlin WEE! with the bid on 2.5k Please text your mail to confirm the bid :)

  • Durran WEE - SB <3

  • I got a bid private on 5k from @Rose-Galloway

  • Won by @Rose-Galloway with the bid on 5k

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