[Ends 48 hours after last bid] Westwood Estate horse auctions

  • Still an active auction!
    Ill try to make a few more auction horses soon, but school is in first row

  • Still a dutsh warmblood horse avaliable

  • Klara WEE - SB 😍

  • Bid accepted! :)

  • @Miranda-Gage winns Klara! Text your mail for me to send the file

  • 2 new horses up!
    Im sorry for the morning sunlight, but i didnt had time for waiting for it to be daytime xD

  • Photo's updated, now daytime xD


  • Starting bid on Marlin WEE <3

  • @Veola-Loveless wins Marlin WEE! with the bid on 2.5k Please text your mail to confirm the bid :)

  • Durran WEE - SB <3

  • I got a bid private on 5k from @Rose-Galloway

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