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    The "Moosmühle"is a small, family barn located in a small village near Kiel, a big town by the eastsee.
    Our first rule is "horses first", I think I don't need to explain it, cause everybody unterstand it.
    We compet in Eventing with high quality warmblood.
    From time to time we breed, but that is not our maine part.

    Feel free to ask your questions

    We wish you a lot of fun with our horses & stuffmembers.

  • comming soon

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    *I would love to see some comments :cupid: *

  • Whoooah :heart_eyes: So cozy! I like the sunlights, it so warm and alive. Just wow! <3

  • Lovely facilities :)

  • @Alexandra-Yashirina said in Miras Blog - Moosmühle:

    Whoooah :heart_eyes: So cozy! I like the sunlights, it so warm and alive. Just wow! <3

    Thank you😍😍

  • @Kayla-Albright said in Miras Blog - Moosmühle:

    Lovely facilities :)

    Thank you :)

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    Beep beep beep. The Alarm rang. "No" Alec rolled around & closed his eyes once again. "Thats to early."
    After 5 more minuts of laying in his cosy & warm bed, it was time to get up.
    Alec unocked his phone & checked his Whatsapp-Messages.
    On from his dad: " Alec. We need to talk!!"
    He deletd this message & got up.
    Slowly he shuffeld into his small bathroom.
    He brushed his teath & put on his barn gearn
    Alec smelled the scent of the horses & the stables intermedialy.
    He just wanted to slip in his boots wen he remerd Miras words (No boots in the house!!!)
    Sighingly he put his feeds out of them & garbed them up.
    He checked his phone once again. Nothing.
    "I need a coffee" thought the young man & walked into the cozy, small kitchen.
    "Moin*", Emma, Miras younger sister sits at the big kitchen table & eats breakfest.
    "Morning", Alec answerd, grabed a kub of hot coffee & leaved in the direction of the barn.
    He quickly walked about the yard & opend the big stables doors.
    His coffee & the smell after horses & hay makes him smile.
    Alec walked directly to he second box.
    "Good Mornig Beauti" The black stallion answerd with an quiet neigh.
    "Are you ready for our morning routine?"
    Alec started brusching the small stallion. While he did his work he remeberd the message from his dad. Why he want to talk with me?, he asked himself. He didn't talked to me, since i moved to my older brother at the Moosmühle. "He wound't understand me", he said to ABRC Caramel. The black stallion didn't answerd. Of course. He is just a horse, bt talking to them can help sometimes.
    Alec closed the last buckle from Caramels birdel when his brother Josef cam into the stable.
    "Alec. Dad called me & he wasn't realy happy. Why do you delet al his messages & nerver call him back?"

    "He knows why"

    "Why? What happend?"

    "I don't want to talk about that Josef!"

    "But you have to."


    "Come on Alec. I know you can't get al this alone. I mean the Uni, your work at the libary?"

    "That's not your problem. Everything is ok", Of course nothing was ok. Alec studied history in a bigger town, an hour away from the Moosmühle history. His father an sucsesful lawyer wasn't realy happy about that. Ok, realy happy was pretty much understadted. He was more than angry about alec's decision,
    "If you want to do that you can look how you want to pay for all that shit", that was the last sentence he heard from his da.
    After this he moved to his brother, who lifed on the Moosmühle & worked here as a trained.
    He worked half days ín the small library in the village, the rest of the day he had to work in the stables & needed to learn for the uni."

    "So If this is your last word than ok.." Josef turned aournd a left the barn offended.

    "Fuck", Alec thought, grabed Caramels rains & left the building, too.

    "Come on guy I need a fast gallop"

    *Moin means something like good mmorning in some parts of germany

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    Hi guys I still alive but I don't have time at the moment. As soon as posdible I'll be sctiv & conpet again

  • Today mx sister Emma decided to make a soft trainig with oure loved stallion Rawenclaw M



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