Point system and ranking ?

  • Hi everyone,

    First, Happy Merry Christmas to all. <3

    Friends I have a little idea for the year 2019 to come.
    I do not know if it has already been mentioned somewhere but I propose it.

    as you all know I imagine, when you enter a show of any kind and disicpline, your horses if they rank, earn points and money. allowing a certain moment to accumulated titles.

    So I thought, why not do the same system with our rider.

    each participating rider could win a certain number of points if he wins the competition, and obtain after a certain number of points too, a title for example "best regional rider, or international rider, or even world rider"

    what do you think, let me know if the idea had already been proposed ? :)

  • I like it :) great idea!

  • thank you ;)

  • Administrators

    We've been considering something like this for some time- no official announcements yet as it's still in the works, but do know that we have been thinking about this for a while ;)

  • It's good news this could give new desire for challenge and enthusiasm on the forum. :)

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