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    The Yeguada del Alandaluz was created in 2000 by Miguel Ángel González, is located on the outskirts of Seville and is mainly dedicated to breeding Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses, although currently we are also competing in dressage and halter.
    Yeguada del Alandaluz is a stud farm with capacity for almost 100 horses. It has all the necessary facilities for the proper development and training of horses.
    It is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape where our mares graze freely, very close we can find the shore of the sea where there are a wonderful beaches, where we can ride at sunset. There are also mountains and valleys with paths to walk around.

    ♕ STAFF ♕
    ID Name Age Role Discipline
    7279 Miguel Ángel González 26 Owner/Rider Dressage
    7280 Elizabeth Cortés 24 Owner/Rider Dressage
    7293 Jessica Owens 21 Rider/Public Relations Dressage
    7282 Mark Ortega 23 Rider Dressage
    7283 Javier García 27 Rider Dressage
    7284 Hugo Soto 25 Rider Dressage
    7285 Álvaro Suárez 28 Rider Dressage
    7286 Rubén Santos 26 Rider Dressage
    7287 Adán González 22 Rider Dressage
    7288 Nathan Taylor 35 Farrier None
    7289 David Bravo 37 Veterinarian None
    7290 Pilar Méndez 26 Veterinarian None
    7291 Hernán Ramírez 41 Accountant None

    ♘ HORSES ♘
    ID Name Gender Colour Discipline Title
    14333 YDA Centurión del Alandaluz Stallion Dark Bay Dressage Dressage Local Champion
    16369 YDA Travieso Stallion Black Dressage Dressage Regional Champion Halter Local Champion
    16751 Sol PM II Stallion Pearl Dressage Dressage Regional Champion
    21032 Marengo I de Urquijo Stallion Chestnut Dressage Dressage Regional Champion
    22942 Zamorano V de Urquijo Stallion Seal Brown Dressage Dressage Local Champion
    23098 Pícaro I de Urquijo Stallion Pearl Dressage Dressage Regional Champion
    25201 YI Andalucía del Impío Mare Grey (White) Dressage Dressage Local Champion
    25680 Sombrerero de Urquijo Stallion Black Dressage
    27922 YDA Gavilán XII Stallion Dark Bay Dressage
    27942 YDA Soleado I Stallion Palomino Dressage Dressage Local Champion
    27946 MBS Perdigón II Stallion Grey (Black) Dressage
    27965 MRD Cazurra III del Cascabel Mare Bay Dressage
    29341 YDA Desafío IV Stallion Dark Bay Dressage
    29775 MRD Honesto del Cascabel Stallion Bay Dressage
    29776 YDA Sombra V Mare Grey (White) Dressage
    29777 YDA Deseada VI Mare Dark Bay Dressage

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  • alt text
    Zamorano V de Urquijo

  • Ohh I see that Zamorano is in a very good hands :heart_eyes: The picture is very typical of Spain!!

  • @Borja-Domecq thanks! :kissing_smiling_eyes:
    You did a great job with Zamorano, he is an incredible horse.

  • Beautiful horse and pic! <3 The bull and Zamorano looks gorgeous! :o

  • @Marina-Davia thank you!! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • My activity in this forum is very little, my horses are not known and I have to solve that, so today I will introduce my babies :blush:

    YDA Travieso YDA Caprichosa Zamorano V de Urquijo Sombrerero de Urquijo
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    Zamorana I de Urquijo YDA Mora II MBS Perdigón II Juiciosa XVIII de Urquijo
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    YDA Piconera YDA Guerrero YDA Lirona YDA Sureño
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    YI Andalucía del Impío YDA Gavilán XII YDA Jerezana YDA Centurión del Alandaluz
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    YDA Chispa Marengo I de Urquijo YDA Soria YI Granadina del Impío
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    YDA Flamenco II YDA Soleado I Sol PM II YDA Albina II
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    YDA Estupenda Pícaro I de Urquijo YDA Atrevida Max & Dusty
    alt text alt text alt text alt text

  • They are all so beautiful. I also love the variety of coat colours.

  • Your horses are so pretty! I really like the bay horses, they are very beautiful, and so is Estupenda. I think she is my favourite :)

  • @Maize-Winters thank you! I really like to mix the coats and get some new ones.

    @Callixta-Rosella thank you very much!

  • Travieso :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I fell in love with him when I saw him for the first time on Spain Equestrian Sims years ago <3 Really beautiful horses :)

  • Absolutely beautiful horses! Estupenda and Zamorana I are my favorites!

  • @Celia-Acosta Thanks!! :heart: Now he is more handsome :smirk:
    @Breanna-Fahnestock thank you very much!! Maybe someday they will be on sale

  • YI Andalucía del Impío
    alt text

  • Beautiful as always :heart_eyes:

  • Perfect :heart: as all your horses

  • Thank you so much guys!! :heart:

    MRD Cazurra III del Cascabel ( @Marina-Davia )
    alt text

  • My girl!!! She's gorgeous af :heart_eyes:

  • She is mine now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    YDA Centurión del Alandaluz
    alt text

    YDA Desafío IV
    ( Sire: @Isaiah-Pace // Dam: @Borja-Domecq )
    alt text

    YDA Deseada VI
    ( Sire: @Isaiah-Pace // Dam: @Samantha-Jadirea // Dam creator: @Lucca-Jager )
    alt text

  • They are Beautiful! But Desafío is my fav <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler Thank you very much! :heart: There are still many horses to show but Desafío is my favorite too :blush:

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