[Ended] Breeding Auction

  • This may be your last chance to see him open for breeding as he will be gelded around Summer.


    • For the pedigree bonus the offspring should compete in Eventing, if you wish to have the offspring compete in another discipline then go ahead.
    • You are welcome to alter the template to your liking, as well as make adjustments to the coat as well.
    • Please keep my prefix in the offspring name (AWE/Your prefix <name>)
    • I don't require updates however I would love to see how the offspring progresses in Eventing
    • You will have a month to get the offspring registered on the mainsite(this is after I have sent you the file)

    Added note: Breeding mares must be able to cross with Selle Francias, I will tolerate a grade mix though.

    There are 3 breeding slots. When you bid please but down the breed of your mare. I have 3 broodmares open as well who will be listed below(with their color as well)
    Original breeding price: $20,000
    Bidding, the bidding starts at $5,000. Price will not drop, however the auction may go to raffle if there is no interest.

    Buying a breeding slot will be $15,000

    My broodmares
    AWE Space Time, Black Thoroughbred Mare
    AWE Paranormal, Grey(Chestnut Base) Selle Francias Mare
    AWE Lucy Loose, Bay Selle Francias Mare
    Images of the mares will be posted upon request

    Breeding Slot #1, $5,000
    Breeding Slot #2, $5,000
    Breeding Slot #3, $5,000

    Paladin des Ifs KN
    152 points in Eventing
    Bay Selle Francias
    Offers 4 pedigree bonus in Eventing
    National Eventing Champion
    alt text
    More images upon request

    Current bids
    Breeding Slot #1: Luke Teth $5,000
    Breeding Slot #2:
    Breeding Slot #3:

  • Tiny bump no bids yet.

  • SB

    RP Whimsical Maiden (136 in Eventing) - Thoroughbred

  • @Luke-Teth said in [Ends 2/28] Breeding Auction:


    RP Whimsical Maiden (136 in Eventing) - Thoroughbred


  • Tiny bump, 2 breeding slots are still open for bidding.

  • Slot 2 - SB
    HOL Heureusement (Selle Fran├žais)

    Do you mind posting a movement pic? :)

  • Due to real life issues(AKA new job and extended hours) the auction will end tonight at 11pm Eastern Standard(-05:00)

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