Day Twenty-Five - lots of goodies!

  • PR Committee

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and final gift! I'm especially excited about the detail markings and decorative tack! We never have enough clutter!

  • Wow! We are so spoiled this year :heart_eyes: Thank you to everyone!

  • Wow awesome 25th day gifts, Thank you to all the folks that made this happen, you are all so talented and wonderful people. You made this old woman smile <3

  • Absolutely love these! especially the showing poses! thank you for sharing

  • This advent and all the stocking stuffers have been wonderful I can't believe how many great things I can put in my stable ❤

  • Wow, brilliant stuff, thank you so much to all the wonderful creators! <3 :christmas_tree:

  • Oh wow this is so abslutely great! Can't wait to use all of this in game :heart:

  • Fiiinally something western :heart_eyes:

  • i'm so late..but this is amazing :0 thankyou

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