{ ♦ HAXDELION ♦ } 2019 Breeding Season! {We're Closed - Temporarily}

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    I have decided that in 2019 i will put some of my stallions up for stud, not all of them is titled, but most of them is not that far from gaining their first title! The stallions at Haxdelion can provide top quality offsprings, with great bloodlines of performance horses, so almost all of the offsprings will become great performance horses! The breedings we are offering is BIY breeding cause i simply just haven't time for making traditional breedings, so that means you are making the offspring by yourself. Every stallion will only have a limited amount of breeding slots, and that is because i don't want to mass breed with my stallions, If you like one of my stallions who is not on the list, please be patient the stallion will come eventually!

    R U L E S
    • You can only apply for a stallion one time per member!
    • Use your own prefix for the foal.
    • The offspring may have a Main-site profile within 2 weeks! - If it takes longer please tell me!
    • I do require that they are gonna be active, it would be sad to see they are not.
    • If you aren't having time for the offspring i would be more than happy if i get the opportunity to buy it.
    S T A L L I O N S

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    ♦ HORSE NAME ♦
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    Stud Fee: xxx
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  • We're open!

    Graph the last public breeding from this extraordinary stallion! :heart:

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