Merry Christmas, Jessi Dean!

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    Dear @Jessi-Dean , a little bird told me that you wished to live someplace else for the year 2019. My little elves have been very busy this year, we couldn't deliver you a completely new world - but we still wanted to fulfil your wish... So we decided to give you the next best thing, just scroll further down to see what it is :santa:
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    GIFT #1

    Since we couldn't deliver a completely new world, we decided to gift you a edited version of the beautiful Hallavaara. I have always loved the Hallavaara world by Ella Silverblood, but at the same time I'm a sucker for those mountainous worlds, so what I did was to add mountains and still keep the decor and some original plants and trees from the beautiful world. I decided to share it with you, since I saw on the main site that your barn either has been or still is located in this world, so I reworked my own version and made yours even more special than the one I use myself, so this is your own version of Hallavaara, just for you! There are three beaches and two big pastures on each side of the world. There are also 10 lots in the middle, all in the size 64x64 and two of them has sloped terrain to make some variations in the lots. You can also find three smaller lots in custom size.
    With this world there comes a tiny set of three rules, mostly because it is a personal edit and should not be shared with others without the original creator's permission, I hope that's okay :heart:

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    Do you know what else me and my elves got in store for you? Keep your eyes on this thread, as there are more goodies to come before the year is over!

  • Thank you so much!!!! The world looks amazing <3 I have never had a custom world before so I'm really excited. Thank you again :)

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