How Monique Varieur Stole Xmas

  • hh

    @Monique-Varieur, I was your secret santa this year! Scrolling through your blog, I noticed a severe lack of daily life photos, so here's a few portrait and walk poses!

    go off i guess

    The first set is a simple set of walking poses that took me longer than I'd like to admit that can be used on the longe, under saddle, or wherever else you see fit.

    mish mash o posies

    The second set (cleverly named "Poses," because I'm a genius, I know) consists of ten basic everyday poses. They're very versatile and are especially wonderful for portraits. :sparkles: Happy holidays and enjoy!

  • Oh Alexa! Where do I begin! These are so so wonderful, especially the walk poses! Thank you so much for an amazing gift <3

  • on my mama horses be walking

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