[CHATTER] [RESULTS 5/8] Whippoorwill Random Breed Challenge

  • I'm having trouble with my image hosting, and the image I posted in the form is no longer working. I've put another copy of the image here:


  • Was wondering about an update on this :D

  • Administrators

    hey all,

    Just wanted to drop in and say no, I haven't forgotten about this, and yes, it will be judged. My life went a bit chaotic in the new year and unfortunately it has yet to calm down- between starting a new job, my family opening up 2 (!!) new restaurant locations, and myself trying to launch my own small business, along with staying on top of all the new expenses and responsibilities these new undertakings require, Equus has just had to take a backseat in my life and stayed there for now. When I do have time to care for my Equus life, obviously staff duties take priority over things like challenges. I am not going to leave this to rot because I know you all worked so incredibly hard on these entries and I am amazed and proud of every single one of you. So yes, it will be judged when I can find a few hours to devote to it, I Swear. Please have patience with me. :heart:

    Also, I never did find time to make that participation CC I had planned. So, to make up for that, I am raising the money earned for each completed entry from $5,000 to $10,000 per member. I hope this can help to make up for that a bit, but if not I am truly sorry.

    Thanks Equus :horse:

  • Wow that sounds awesome! :D
    just take your time ;)

  • Administrators

    At long last, this is finally judged.

    I want to thank you all for being so patient with me and the unnaceptably long time I took to get back to you with results. It was so fun getting to revisit all your photos and horses, and I'm still so proud of you all for being willing to leave your comfort zones and create such beautiful horses and stories. I really want to be able to host more challenges like this in the future, and I hope you will join me for them. <3


  • Life Happens, Thank you so much for hosting. This was a lot of fun!

  • Thank you so much this challenge was a lot of fun.

  • Development Committee

    Thank you for hosting :heart:

  • Thanks for hosting, and woa, personally a lot had happend with my sims world, and cas horse making since i made my entery.

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