Late Christmas Gifts

  • I was supposed to upload these a few weeks ago.. I didn't. :christmas_tree: Let's pretend its still Christmas.

    Terms of Use

    • Do not modify the marking.
    • They may not be incorporated into skin mods, shine markings, dapple markings etc.
    • Solid grey horses do not necessarily need extreme belly dappling or shine :angel:
    • Do not re-upload elsewhere - link back here.
    • These markings may NOT be used in horses sold for real money!!!

    alt text
    Belly Dapples

    Perfect for your seal bays or to add some subtle dappling to darker coats.
    Found in the Belly Section

    alt text
    Curly Horse Marking

    An ancient marking from early 2017, this definitely isn't the best it could be but it's still incredibly useful and can make for some convincing curly horses. Also useful for winter coats.
    Found in the Back Section

  • OMG...! THE CURLY HORSE! Def gonna make me a curly horse right now xD

  • Ohh those dapples are just super adorable! Thank you so much for sharing :heart:

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! :heart_eyes:
    A new dapple marking! OMG!!! Thanks!! :heart:
    And that curly sure is perfect! I'm gonna need a Curly horse now! :joy: :heart:

  • I have a ton of dappled bays around.
    Guess It's time for another 20 :dancer_tone1:

  • Development Committee

    Aww ur famous belly dapples!! I was secretly hoping that you will release them. :heart:
    Now I can finally admire them on my own horses too. :stuck_out_tongue:

    And this curly horse marking is supercute! :blush: It looks so realistic!
    I'm not after a curly horse for myself but I would love if other members feel the urge to make some curlys now
    (and take alot of pictures so I can look at them :3 ).

    Thank you very much for sharing these treasures with us! I know how much they mean to you! :heart:

  • THERE! Is that freaking awesome curly marking!
    There will definetly be a Curly horse roaming around my Ranch at some point <3

    And those dapples :O

  • @Eowyn-Vance said in Late Christmas Gifts:

    • Solid grey horses do not necessarily need extreme belly dappling or shine :angel:

    finally someone said it :weary: :sweat_drops: (i know im one to talk but still)

    :pray: :sparkling_heart:

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