[WANTED] New Eventing Bloodlines

  • I've gotten myself into a slight pickle in that the majority of my Eventing horses are distantly related in some way, and with only one stud I can quickly see everything ending in disaster. So in the effort of preventing a bottleneck where everything is inbred and bay I'm looking to introduce a few outside names.

    • I'm looking to buy BIY breedings, not the actual horse.
    • Titled horses preferred, willing to pay $$$ for dual titles.
    • No foundations!
    • Warmblood breeds only.
    • Mares and Stallions both welcome.

    I have a lot of money saved up that I am looking to part with, and am happy to pay whatever price you feel the breeding is worth. Also happy to do trades in return if I have anything fitting to give. The horse won't be made instantly as I plan to gradually breed my existing horses over the next year as they continue to age and compete.


    edit; I am open to horses who's may only have Eventing as a secondary discipline, most of my horses are dual titled so it isn't much of an issue.

  • I could offer you Menuet d'Auroy. He's a grey black based, 3rd gen Selle Français stallion and gives 13 pedigree points in Eventing. Unfortunately he is no longer competing as he's 20 y/o now and, you know, everything for the realism sake.

    And for my other eventing horses, well ... they are all distant relatives to your own bloodline so he's the only one available.

  • I can offer you a mare PCRA/FWEC Supernatural Pressure. She's a grey (bay) 3rd generation Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) mare, she recives +17 pedigree points in Eventing and gives +13. Pressure is a recent acquisition, but our idea is to keep showing until 150-200 points.

    I have another mare Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse), she's SBS Brybella and and receives +2 and gives +2 in eventing.

    If you need more information send me a private message :)

  • PR Committee

    I have some offerings:

    Stallions with longer/older pedigrees:

    Mares with older or longer pedigrees:

    Suggested pairing for super power baby with complete pedigree: Kobalt ZI x RP Lady of Mayhem, foal would receive +21 to eventing and +10 to SJ, registerable as a hanoverian.

  • Supernova PL https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=7397 gives + 10 Eventing Bay Tobiano Mare

    Illusion PL https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=17788 Gives + 13 Eventing Grey Cream Carrier Stallion

    CDC Nightcall https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=12870 Give + 15 Eventing Grey Stallion

    Revolution Calling PL https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=19001 Gives + 14 Eventing Black Tobiano Stallion

    All Trakehners

    I also have Thoroughbreds and Arabians that offer Eventing Bonuses and can be used in WB breeding if you are interested.

    You can PM me on the forum if you are interested in any of these.

  • Administrators

    I have a few that you could use!



  • I also have some stallions to offer:

    • Omicron NC (2nd gen palomino Trakehner / gives +6 in Eventing & + 4 in SJ)
    • Havel's Duilant (6th gen chestnut Hanoverian* / gives +8 in Eventing)
    • HRST Leviathan (2nd gen grey (bay) Trakehner / gives +12 in Eventing)
    • Havel's Siebenstein (3rd gen buckskin tobiano German Sport Horse / gives +14 in Eventing)

    *Duilant is registered a Trakehner but HE IS a Hanoverian as his sire is a Hanoverian (and Trakehner accepts no other WB outcrosses). I'm still at it to have this possibly changed, because there could be struggle if you use a dam that is not Hanoverian to register the offspring as Hanoverian (due to their breeding standarts of at least one parent has to be Hanoverian) ... sorry for this long explanation :see_no_evil:

  • I have a stallion I would be willing to offer, Fredrikelof´s Exeter.
    This boy is a 5th generation buckskin tobiano, holding 115 points in Eventing. He is starting Show Jumping as his secondary in the upcoming show season, and will not retire in neither until fully titled, so plenty of bonuses to offer in the future aswell.

  • I can offer VPE Hayabusa as an eventing mare, she is still competing, currently holding 131 points. Will compete her until 200 pts. She is a tobiano but is heterogeneous.
    For stallions, I have SG Red Wings, with 103 points, still competing and he also holds titles in SJ.
    Both are KWPN and not foundation.
    VPE Hayabusa - 11 pt bonus
    SG Red Wings - 6 pt bonus(also gives a SJ bonus)

    I am very negotiable on price, more looking to get their bloodlines out there then to get money.

  • I can offer breedings from a couple horses.
    I have the following:

    • Ridskolan's Lawrence - Dutch Warmblood Stallion, 28 points eventing
    • Broudein's Lanthys - British Warmblood Mare, 39 points eventing
    • Areion's Goddess of Victory - Hanoverian Mare, 19 points eventing, 23 points show jumping

    I also have two international sporthorse stallions that i can offer if you want, but they are both draft crosses.
    Prices are negotiable.

  • Yikes, thanks for the awesome response guys! I'll be looking though them all tonight and will message you if I've an offer.

    I didn't realise how much horses are actually related to mine until I posted this - think this might be harder than I first thought. either im too picky or "oh he's related to so and so's mother" :laughing:

  • I can offer RGES El Venus, a mare with a whopping 83 points. There is also Flammenlicht REC who has 254 points. Breeding fees would be $8,300 and $25,400 respectively.

    All of my other horses are currently competing so have no fear, I should soon-ish have new eventing blood for you to choose from too!

  • Okay, I have an embarrassing amount of eventers and you're welcome to use any of them! However, I've focused on ones that aren't related to your lines, as far as I can tell.


    • CDC Felicien - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion - 266 eventing points, gives +11 eventing
    • CDC Tux 'n Tails - black sabino (Ee aa nW) Trakehner stallion - 262 eventing points, gives +8 eventing/+5 dressage (through sire)/+3 show jumping (through dam)
    • WHM Dare I Say - bay (EE Aa) Trakehner stallion - 261 eventing points, gives +8 eventing - NOT related to WHM Henri d'Aramitz
    • Fredrikelof's Evzenek - palomino overo (ee Aa nCr nO) Czech Warmblood stallion - 230 eventing points, gives + 13 eventing
    • Pulp Fiction PL - bay sabino (Ee Aa nW) Trakehner stallion - 255 eventing points/253 dressage points, gives +12/+8 respectively (and also a show jumping bonus through his dam)
    • Monachyle's Kevelaer - bay (Ee AA) Trakehner stallion - 229 eventing points, gives +13 eventing
    • CDC Finnikin - chestnut (ee Aa) Trakehner stallion - 206 eventing points, gives +13 eventing
    • Breaking Even SHS - black (EE aa) Finnish Warmblood stallion - 227 eventing points, gives +5 eventing/+8 show jumping (through sire/dam)


    • Illusion d'Auroy - bay (Ee Aa) Selle Français mare - 263 eventing points, gives +7 eventing/+3 show jumping (through sire) - very distantly related to your Wimereux KN through Kingstone d'Auroy (sire of Illusion and of Wimereux's great grand-sire, Horus du Tussock)
    • DMS Enya - grey (chestnut) (ee Aa Gg Ff) Belgian Warmblood mare - 263 eventing points, gives +11 eventing
    • Nouvelle CN - bay (Ee Aa) Swedish Warmblood mare - 240 eventing points/166 show jumping points, gives +10/+7 respectively
    • GOS Celebrían - palomino (ee Aa nCr) Trakehner mare - 284 eventing points/213 show jumping points/76 dressage points, gives +15/+10/+7 respectively (still competing in dressage)
    • UW The Lady's Portrait - chestnut tobiano (ee aa nT) Irish Sport Horse mare - 209 eventing points, gives +7 eventing
    • WPW Come What May - bay (Ee Aa) British Warmblood mare - 205 eventing points, gives +10 eventing

    When you said "no foundations," I took that to mean that more than +5 pedigree bonus, basically - I have several more horses that are second or third generation and fully titled, but their sires and dams aren't titled and perhaps aren't even registered. If you're interested in any of those, since some do have rather less common bloodlines, just let me know.

  • I can offer you my Hanoverian mare - MFU Faline
    Her characteristics/features:

    • 2nd gen, Seal Brown colour. Her line is specialized in Eventing and Show Jumping mainly, in my stable.

    • When she finishes her show career she will give her foal +15 pts in Eventing and +10 pts in Show Jumping. She will also give +5 pts in Dressage from her sire when he gets the remaining 6 points for his last title.

    • She is a show horse, not a broodmare in a stable. This means that she will have a small/limited number of foals in her life. Often, three (3) foals only, including my own.

    • Her dam, MFU Rigma, was successful in her show career, especially in the SJ arena. She is also an Elite mare, a Grading title from the "Royal Mares May Derby" show, hosted by ES Warmblood Association.

    Her price is high, but negotiable. If you are interested in her, then please send me a private message on the forum for more details.

  • Competition Committee

    Not sure if this will be any use, but I have 2 KWPN mares I can offer - both from VPE/RDEC lines. Both are still actively competing in eventing and are 3rd gen, giving decent bonuses (would have to look them up later as I’m writing this on my phone). Main sites for you here:

    VPE Couronne

    VPE Fetrenne

    I also have a 2nd gen British Warmblood mare WYE Red Cadillac who I believe gives +11 at this time.

    Prices are of course negotiable if you decide to go with one of these gals 🙂 I won’t ask for more than 20 000 for the VPE girls, and won’t ask for more than 11 000 for Cadillac.

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