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    So I'm jumping on the bandwagon of looking to borrow horses to be parents of some lovely horses I've received over the festive period. I'm happy to pay whatever stud / breeding fee you have in mind or maybe trade breedings in return if I have anything suitable for you to borrow. All horses are already made (by other people) and will be registered realistically some time in the near future.

    Horse One
    Is a chestnut tobiano Trakehner; ideally I'd like to find show-jumping parents for her, or dressage as a second choice. I'm not fussed on what bonus points get passed on, I'm more after horses unrelated to my own hoard. I'm also open to Thoroughbred and Arabian outcrosses, as long as one parent is Trakehner.

    Horse Two
    Is another Trakehner, a bay roan tobiano this time. I'm open to parents competing in dressage and / or show jumping, but I'll also consider eventing parents too. Again I'm also open to Thoroughbred and Arabian outcrosses, as long as one parent is Trakehner.

    Horse Three
    Is an Arabian this time; a chestnut sabino (white spotting?) boy, and ideally I'd like to find him jumping parents. Most of my own Arabians compete in dressage so I'd like to branch him into a different discipline. I'm mostly looking for Polish or Straight Egyptian strains since those are what I have already.

  • I have a Trakehner stallion and a mare, The mare dose dressage and is titled I believe - she will be retiring from Dressage for breeding, but is doing Classical Dressage. My Stud will start his showing next year, he was born/created early in Dec. Ricky is Arabian type Trakehner. I also have a Polish Arabian stallion Siggy, but he dose liberty and western Dressage. Vicky my Trakehner mare.

  • rolls up sleeves

    Let's see what I got...

    For Horse two, I could offer; RV Ardwalis, a flaxen red roan w/ sabino. He carries A so if paired with an E (black or bay or what-have-you) mare he could produce bay easily. He's a foundation so definitely unrelated to your lines! He only gives a +1 in dressage presently but he could definitely throw more with the right mare. He would be very cheap for a BIY -- Only around 5k, due to his still-pudding sire potential.

    For horse three, I can offer; Sahra Shadeed, my SJ arabian stud. He's at his state title and has a pedigree of SJing arabians in him, and he's SEA. He can throw chestnut and the foal will carry agouti so it's foals could throw bay too. He gives a +6 and his BIY fee is 11,600 to reflect his point count.


  • You know you're always welcome to my horses! :heart: I don't really have much to offer in the rare colours for what you're looking for, but if you want to use one of mine as the boring sire/dam to cross with the extravagantly coloured sire/dam, please feel free!

    I've listed those that are new bloodlines for you (I think), which made me realize how many bloodlines we have in common, at least with my breeding stock (I have some not-yet-breeding that I know have no relation to yours, so there is hope for the future!)! :sweat_smile: I do have a handful that are only very distantly related to yours, but just have listed ones that aren't at all related, to the best of my knowledge.

    Show Jumping Mares

    • Miss American Pie S - grey (chestnut) (ee aa Gg) Trakehner mare - 294 show jumping points, gives +8
    • Mhysa KA - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner mare - 356 show jumping points, gives +10
    • Khione WM - grey (black) (Ee aa Gg) Trakehner mare - 175 show jumping points, gives +4 (still actively competing)
    • SB Medina - chestnut (ee Aa) SEA mare - 85 show jumping points/202 eventing points, gives +2/+5 respectively

    Show Jumping Stallions

    • Ocean Pearl's Gorch Fock - grey (seal brown) (Ee Ata Gg) Thoroughbred stallion - 215 show jumping points, gives +5
    • Filmstar FR - bay (Ee Aa Ff) Trakehner stallion - 224 show jumping points, gives +13 points

    Eventing Mares

    • WVS Fidgie - flaxen chestnut (ee Aa ff) Anglo-Arabian mare - 183 eventing points, gives +4 (still actively competing)
    • SB Medina - chestnut (ee Aa) SEA mare - 202 eventing points/85 show jumping points, gives +5/+2 respectively
    • CDC Royal Radiance - sooty bay (Ee Aa nSty) Trakehner mare - 151 eventing points, gives +4 (still actively competing)
    • DMA Espannas Ajmana - chestnut (ee Aa) Polish Arabian mare - 232 eventing points, gives +7
    • AA Minhat - bay (Ee Aa) Polish Arabian mare - 274 eventing points, gives +9
    • What's This xx - seal brown (Ee A^tAt) Thoroughbred mare - 240 eventing points, gives +5
    • CDC Rohara - bay (Ee Aa) SEA mare - 242 eventing points, gives +9 (sire still actively competing)

    Eventing Stallions

    • WHM Dare I Say - bay (EE Aa) Trakehner stallion - 261 eventing points, gives +8
    • DEC Fortissimo - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion - 230 eventing points, gives +5
    • AA Zameel - flaxen chestnut (ee Aa ff) Polish Arabian stallion - 268 eventing points, gives +5
    • CDC Felicien - bay (Ee Aa) Trakehner stallion - 266 eventing points, gives +11
    • WHM Barolo - grey (chestnut) (ee AA Gg) Trakehner stallion - 226 eventing points, gives +5
    • RHC Royal Colours - bay (Ee Aa) SEA stallion - 184 eventing points, gives +4 (still actively competing)
    • DEC Schnell - cremello (ee Aa CrCr) Trakehner stallion - 240 eventing points, gives +5
    • DEC Feuerball - chestnut (ee aa) Trakehner stallion - 221 eventing points, gives +5
    • CDC Finnikin - chestnut (ee Aa) Trakehner stallion - 206 eventing points, gives +13

    Dressage Mares

    • IEQ Rihana - grey (chestnut) (ee aa Gg) SEA mare - 224 dressage points, gives +5
    • AAF Isadora - grey (black) (Ee aa Gg) SEA mare - 227 dressage points, gives +5
    • CDC Duela - grey (bay) (Ee Aa Gg) Trakehner mare - 179 dressage points, gives +4 (still actively competing)
    • NA Nasheedat - grey (black) (Ee aa Gg) Arabian mare (not sure of the strain, but she's either Polish or SEA - I can ask her breeder) - 230 dressage points, gives +5
    • CDC Rayya - chestnut (ee Aa Ff) SEA mare - 224 dressage points, gives +10

    Dressage Stallions

    • AAF Asadel - black (Ee aa) SEA stallion - 259 dressage points, gives +5
    • SB Saladin - black (Ee aa) SEA stallion - 261 dressage points, gives
    • Aria Qatar RHC - chestnut (ee Aa) SEA stallion - 205 dressage points, gives +5
    • SB Balthazar - bay (Ee Aa) SEA stallion - 238 dressage points, gives +5

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