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  • Thea, stop it, NOW

    Well, im sorry for spaming you, but i just got the hang of sims again, so i might just go post a lot of shitty unedited photos, im sorry, i dont really like to edit.
    Here a photo of the whole Lusitano team (At the moment at least, sorry, there keep getting more horses)

    alt text

  • this small guy from the left side is such a cute horse!

  • @Billie-Sparrow She is new, (I just made her like, 5 minutes ago) her name is Gaura Melicande

  • The old fasion ladie

    A great chestnut with a color fight in its coat does never gets old, who agree?
    In these days we are very bussy, Johanna is doing the office work all the time, and then she dont, ill take her with me (btw, its Mike who writes this lmao) We have been talking about some new stuff, but we cant tell you what it is yet.

    alt text

  • A day away from the office

    Stina was early out of bed this morning, she had to take care of not only her own "pack" but also my pack too. So in total 7 horses in 1 day.
    alt text

    Me and Johanna had taken a day off to enjoy the good weather and to get some partners time together. But how to spend a day off, better than taking your horses and ride out together. And what horses are better than two upcomming parents.
    Yes, we are planning our next foal season. These two was an accident, Dromos had escaped his stall and got out on the pasture with a few mares. And we was already planning on letting those two having a foal together so why not just let her go from there.
    alt text
    And then! Me and Johanna have some exiting news we was talking about last blog, and we think it is time for us to come out with it. We are waiting our first child! Johanna is pregnant in the 6th month now. and she cant really hide her belly anymore.

  • Be safe
    Today we made vet checks on all of our pregnant mares, it all went well and there was not any big problems. Ecept for Falling upwards, we made Tom check her, as he did with all the other mares, but there was something wrong that he fould not put his finger on.
    So we called some professional people to come look at her, but still, they could not put a finger on the problem, she seemed so upset and uncalm. After a long and way to serius talk with the vet we decited to let her keep her foal, but checking her more often than the other mares and giving her extra proteins in her food to make sure she have the best possible conditions.
    alt text

    Besides the kind of bad news with Felley, we are SO overwelmed and happy to announce that we got 2 foals already! The foals is a bay tobiano pintarabian named "Love Mika WEE" (Sire and dam from @Veola-Loveless)
    He is a true energy bomb, he loves to show his power, and he really likes to play a big stallion then he sees other horses. His mind is a bit foaly still, but what to expect then he is less than a year old!And then he is having one of my custom made fullbody markings!
    alt text

    The other foal we got is a lovely mare called Paesilla WEE, she is super calm and friendly. Her parents who is seen here together with her is both horses from @Therese-Lind (Thank you for letting us have a photo of them all together!)
    As seen, this filly have a soft buckskin coat. On the picture she looks a bit thick in her building, but she really isn't she is a really feminine girl. She is really not like Mika! Instead she is a bit shy from time to time, and dont like to many exited horses around her. But she really loves to play with Mika and she is beginning to learn some of his tricks and become more outgoing.
    alt text

  • They look so beautiful

  • I adore the way you take photos! My favorite is the early morning photo with Stina <3 the sky is just perfection

  • @Lauren-Goldtree Thank!
    @Kira-Kita Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that people like what im doing :)

  • A new chapter
    Tody we can finnaly anounce that we are planning to make a Western section of westwood, this section will be placed not long from westwood, but the two parts will not have anything to do with eachother, maybe a visit once in a while, but other than that, these two sections will be completely seperated. And the englishriding will still be our main focus, and the western is more like a hobby. Seen from the blog site. We hope that we wil lbe able to enter both western horses and our english riding horses in as many competitions as possible.

    This is a photo of the start, a woner, a stallion and a mare. We will expand greatly, but at the moment westwood western is only one single stable and some pastures. We will ad both more stables, more pastures and some arenas.
    alt text

  • Johanna always arrives to the stable erly, she puts out the horses out on their pastures to strech their legs before the day goes on.
    Normally, she do it all by herself, but because of her pregnancy, her belly dont alow her to do that anymmore, so I help her do the job from now on and untill the birth. She is in that stage were you must not lift up heavy things and you should keep calm, and eat a lot of chocolate and other good stuff

    I started with the arabians, moved on to the few canadians we got, then the warmbloods and then I finnished it off with the Lusitano┬┤s. We have gotten two new lovely arabian mares and a Hanovarain that we will introduce soon.
    I stole Dominatos Dromos, and took him out for a light grooming and then a quick ride before he got to the pasture with the other horses. Then we came back i could resist it but taking a quick photo of Mariana in one of her show off moments, she looks kind of silly, but also majestic and beautifull.
    alt text
    What can i say, its been about 9 months since i touched my drawing tablet, but i wanted to take it up today. Actually not my own, but my brothers, its smaller and easy to handle. What do you think? :)

  • That looks really good! :heart_eyes:

  • @Kira-Kita Thanks! Im actually okay about how it turned out, but a little bit sad that i got deleted all my unused photos, so i had to chose one i already had used in the blog :)

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