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  • About Westwood Estate

    Westwood is a private owned competitioning and breeding stable, we have our focus in english riding, and mostly in dressage, what so ever, we like to do other than just dressage.
    We started out only having canadian horses, but now we are having Lusitanos and a few dutsh warmbloods as well. Then breeding we breed in order to get some horses with open movements and a good health.

    The team

    Full name Age and origin Role/Job
    Johanna Hasager 32 Yo, Copenhagen Owner
    Mike Hasager 35 Yo, Helsingør Owner
    Sophia Engdahl 28 Yo, Helsinge Co-owner
    Stina Faubie 25 Yo, Jyllinge Maneger
    Hedda Sarmann 23 Yo, Brøndby Rider
    Rasmina Gretingson 29 Yo, Africa Rider
    Tom Falc 31 Yo, Helsinge Personal vet and breaker
    Nini Abrahamsen 24 Yo, Skelskør Rider
    Julian Damborg 27 Yo, Skanderborg Rider
    Eske Hovmann 34 Yo, Skagen Groomer
    Mikael Kuhdal 28 Yo. Poland Rider

    The horses

    Show name Sex Breed Color Main rider ID
    Summer Flower WEE Mare Canadian horse Chestnut Sophia Engdahl 34445
    Saphira WEE Mare Canadian horse Bay chimera Stina Faubie 34525
    Sir Williams WEE Stallion Kabarda Black Johanna Hasager 34207
    Windy Weather WEE Mare Dutsh warmblood Dunalino Mike Hasager 34091
    Captain Hadock WEE Stallion Canadian horse Grey (On black) Rasmina Gretingson 34570
    Miss Calley WEE Mare Dutsh warmblood Red sabino Hedda Sarmann 34375
    Fran Zelion WEE Stallion Dutsh warmblood Red dun Johanna Hasager 34279
    Aqua NZJ Stallion Arabian x warmblood Grey (On black) dapple sabino Johanna Hasager 34542
    Holmgard's Nouree Stallion Arabian Black Mike Hasager 34533
    Ebony WEE Stallion Dutsh warmblood Black Sophia Engdahl
    Falling Upwards WEE Mare Canadian horse Buckskin tobiano Rasmina Gretingson 34211
    Easy Way To Heaven WEE Mare Canadian horse Dapple bay silver flaxen Nini Abrahamsen 35212
    Frankie NJZ Stallion Oldenborg Seal bay sabino Tom Falc
    Calvin KBG Stallion Dutsh warmblood Silver grey (On black) Stina Faubie
    Guacho WEE Stallion Canadian horse Dapple bay Nini Abrahamsen
    Farah WEE Stallion Canadian horse Dapple chestnut Julian Damborg
    Le' Orina WEE Mare Canadian horse Silver bay Johanna Hasager
    Migato WEE Stallion Canadian horse Bay chimera Eske Hovmann
    Neptune WEE Stallion Dutsh warmblood Red maximum sabino Sophia Engdahl
    Eranna WEE Mare Canadian horse Buckskin Johanna Hasager
    Haunteu WEE Stallion Canadian horse Grey (On black) Mike Hasager
    Dominator Dromos WEE Stallion Lusitano (PSL) Bay Eske Hovmann
    Gaura Melicande WEE Mare Lusitano (PSL) Black Mike Hasager 35296
    Mi Amanda WEE Mare Lusitano (PSL) Grey (On black) Mikael Kuhdal
    Alanyagro WEE Stallion Lusitano (PSL) Perlino Mike Hasager 35280
    La Oriana WEE Mare Lusitano (PSL) Grey (On black) Mikael Kuhdal
    Doratea WEE Mare Lusitano (PSL) Black double pearl Eske Hovmann
    Mariana WEE Mare Lusitano (PSL) Black Sabino Johanna Hasager 35297

    If you got any questions, please just write to us :)

  • The new horse [blog 01-01-2019]

    We suddenly got a new horse here! His name is Sir Williams WEE, and he is a Kabarda, a rare breed, (Also on Equus)
    Since we got Willy here, he had been a mad horse and we have not been able to handle him probuarly because of his anger, and that is also why we called him Sir and not just william, we thought it was a little fun, and it mached him great too. But the last week he has loosen up, and actually a lot.
    We took him to the arena this morning, and he was just lovely, we could not leave without a picture. It was Johanna that handled him today, these two have been building up their bond, and it has grown strong already.
    alt text
    In the afternoon we felt like getting him loosend a little more up, and we decited to go at the pasture to do some liberty with him, just a little. And of course we had our camara with us, and gosh, we did got a few masterpieces out of the sesion, and he also have given up much more of his anger.
    We really dont know what it is with him, it is like he dont trust humens at all. He cant be like this forever, he need to give it up, the question is just, how?...
    alt text

  • A new line
    Today this handsome guy arrived to Westwood, he is a dappled bay Lusitano stallion. Together with other (Upcoming) lusitanos he will start our new line of lusitano horses at Westwood.
    We found out that our Canadian horses wasnt cuite what we expected them to be, and theirfore we took the decision that we are closing down for the Canadians as Westwood Estates main breed.

    alt text

    We will be selling out of our canadian horses within the next year (In equus time). We will also be looking for Lusitanos for sale or breeding so we can get some good genes for our horses in the future.

    That being said, we expect that we will still have some of our canadians, left after selling out. It is a wonderfull breed and they are really great horses.

    alt text

    In the second this guy arrived he became the king of Westwood, he took in the place with his whole soul and it looks like he is having a great time being here, getting all that attention.
    The place we brought him was a Spanish stable, they had around 30 lusitanos and almost all of them were for sale, they was about to clear out some space in the stable for some foals, and a few champion stallions.

    Then we took the first look at Dromos, as we call him, there was something in him that just glowed up. And because of all that, we took him with us to Denmark :)

  • yaaay more lusitanos! I have a few lusitano and lusitano crossbreds running around my stable and it's always nice to see new horses!

  • The team

    Here, a great picture of everyone, but Mike Hasager, someone had to take the picture right?
    alt text

  • Gorgeous horse! It's great to see someone else with Lusitanos :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea THanks, we expect a few more to arrive pretty soon

  • The last Dutsh's

    Our last two older dutsh warmblood mares having their weekly day of at the pasture. We hope they both get sold to the right owner in the future, because unfortunately we cant ceep them mush longer...
    alt text

  • The new colt

    A few days ago our yealing from @Fernanda-Luchetta arrived, his name is Alanyagro WEE and he is a perlino stallion.
    He really tried to catch up at Dromos at the pasture today
    alt text

  • Stable changes

    Captain Hadock and Everland (Both on active auction) had a little fun in the great weather today.
    alt text

    We gave all horses a day off on the pastures to rebuild a few things in the stable, we are actually pleased with the result after rebuild it in game for the 5th time caused that my game could not save
    alt text

  • I love your stable design, it's beautiful :)

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thanks! It is actually first time i made a stable that decorated. I hope that i will actually use my stable for blogs this time

  • 3 New faces

    Today Mikael Kuhdal and his two Lustiano mares, Mi Amanda (Ligther one) and Serrano Oriana (Darker one) arrived at Westwood.
    They will join our team and Mikael will be roking here mainly in dressage where he has his competances.
    Mikael is a 28 years old young man, he started riting at the age of 5 and he has trained and tamed many horses in his time as breaker, now, Mikael want to focus more on the trained horses, and make them the champions they deserve.
    alt text

  • But... That isnt posible Thea, think about the genetics

    No, sadly its not. But you know what, a sabino Lustiano mare, i couldnt do anything but say f**k the genetic possibilities So sorry, but i dont have any better more harmless wordsxD
    So here she is! Mariana WEE, a Black sabino purebreed lustiano mare.
    With the reeally girly attitude, almost if she wanted to be a stallion, but sadly for her, she isnt.
    alt text
    But gosh, that custom marking i made for her, daaamn girl xD

  • Thea, stop it, NOW

    Well, im sorry for spaming you, but i just got the hang of sims again, so i might just go post a lot of shitty unedited photos, im sorry, i dont really like to edit.
    Here a photo of the whole Lusitano team (At the moment at least, sorry, there keep getting more horses)

    alt text

  • this small guy from the left side is such a cute horse!

  • @Billie-Sparrow She is new, (I just made her like, 5 minutes ago) her name is Gaura Melicande

  • The old fasion ladie

    A great chestnut with a color fight in its coat does never gets old, who agree?
    In these days we are very bussy, Johanna is doing the office work all the time, and then she dont, ill take her with me (btw, its Mike who writes this lmao) We have been talking about some new stuff, but we cant tell you what it is yet.

    alt text

  • A day away from the office

    Stina was early out of bed this morning, she had to take care of not only her own "pack" but also my pack too. So in total 7 horses in 1 day.
    alt text

    Me and Johanna had taken a day off to enjoy the good weather and to get some partners time together. But how to spend a day off, better than taking your horses and ride out together. And what horses are better than two upcomming parents.
    Yes, we are planning our next foal season. These two was an accident, Dromos had escaped his stall and got out on the pasture with a few mares. And we was already planning on letting those two having a foal together so why not just let her go from there.
    alt text
    And then! Me and Johanna have some exiting news we was talking about last blog, and we think it is time for us to come out with it. We are waiting our first child! Johanna is pregnant in the 6th month now. and she cant really hide her belly anymore.

  • Be safe
    Today we made vet checks on all of our pregnant mares, it all went well and there was not any big problems. Ecept for Falling upwards, we made Tom check her, as he did with all the other mares, but there was something wrong that he fould not put his finger on.
    So we called some professional people to come look at her, but still, they could not put a finger on the problem, she seemed so upset and uncalm. After a long and way to serius talk with the vet we decited to let her keep her foal, but checking her more often than the other mares and giving her extra proteins in her food to make sure she have the best possible conditions.
    alt text

    Besides the kind of bad news with Felley, we are SO overwelmed and happy to announce that we got 2 foals already! The foals is a bay tobiano pintarabian named "Love Mika WEE" (Sire and dam from @Veola-Loveless)
    He is a true energy bomb, he loves to show his power, and he really likes to play a big stallion then he sees other horses. His mind is a bit foaly still, but what to expect then he is less than a year old!And then he is having one of my custom made fullbody markings!
    alt text

    The other foal we got is a lovely mare called Paesilla WEE, she is super calm and friendly. Her parents who is seen here together with her is both horses from @Therese-Lind (Thank you for letting us have a photo of them all together!)
    As seen, this filly have a soft buckskin coat. On the picture she looks a bit thick in her building, but she really isn't she is a really feminine girl. She is really not like Mika! Instead she is a bit shy from time to time, and dont like to many exited horses around her. But she really loves to play with Mika and she is beginning to learn some of his tricks and become more outgoing.
    alt text

  • They look so beautiful

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