• Hey everyone! So I'm trying to figure out how to get the best quality of my screenshots in sims, so I can save myself some time in post editing. I've been trying out the Reshade screenshot feature, so I can use the DOF and other features but for some reason the photos taken by re-shade come out significantly darker than the screenshots taken by sims and the appearance of in game. Could someone explain as to why this is occurring and what I could do to prevent it?

    Thanks loads :heartpulse: :blush:

  • Have you been taking the images with the 'C' button in sims or have you been using the 'prt sc' button?

  • I’ve tried both. When using the C(sims screenshot option) the photos don’t show up with reshade effects but they are the same brightness as in game and with reshades print screen option the images come out very dark but with the present effect(DOF, colour matrix and sharpen). Hope that makes sense :smile:

  • If you're using fullscreen try switching to windowed mode. I had the same issue and I believe that was my problem.

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    I've never experienced this bug, but my understanding is that it comes from playing your game in full screen mode, switching to windowed or using a program for "fake" fullscreen mode program like Fullscreenizer should help with the dark Reshade screenshots

  • That was going to be my next question lol!

  • Ah okay, I just tried this and it worked! Weird haha but thank you guys :hugging:

  • I was just doing this myself at the moment! XD
    So, you say there is more options than just light mods and reshade? How do i use them?

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