Graphic Problems

  • i bought a new laptop with a good GC . So i was excited to finally have a pretty game.
    But my horses looked better on my old pc with the crappy GC lol.. now they just look washed out and pixelated and have those weird black spots on the belly/chest. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to fix it? i already changed the .sgr files cause the game didn't recognize my GC at first. But my horses also looked like that before i changed the files.
    The settings are high and i also tried different HD mods just to see if it makes a difference. GC is updated too
    alt text

    lighter horses, like this one, also don't look 100% perfect but a lot better than darker ones.
    alt text

  • I don't really see anything out of the ordinary. The problem with sims is that it can only be /so/ clear and sharp. What are your specs? I have an HP desktop with 8gb of RAM and a 1TB HD. Your screenshots actually look a lot like mine do...but if you want to upload another photo or circle the specific areas maybe we can help you!

  • @Dawn-Austen yeah maybe it's just a monitor thing? i have absolutely no idea but my horses have very dark spots on the belly and chest just where the shaders usually are. it just looks off
    But if you can't see it, i guess it is a monitor thing.
    mine is pretty much the same. also 8gb RAM and 1TB HD and an NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphic card.
    I'm just scared my pictures will look like :poop: for others lol

  • Is it possible the shaders are somehow darker looking on your new computer? Maybe play with the colors and see what happens. :)

  • @Dawn-Austen i tried it :/ but it didn't really change much

  • Hmm. Well, maybe someone else has an idea. Otherwise, you might just have to deal with it. Good luck!

  • Perhaps you had reshade/enb or sweetfx on your old computer?

  • @Allison-Person definitely not. My old PC was so bad it'd have died with reshade or sweetfx lol

  • LOL I am sorta at a loss. Just looks like the regular shadings to me. did you make sure you had 16 million colors enabled on your GC? Or os it 32 million?

  • ok it has to be a monitor thing then xD Cause it looks awful on my screen haha. Black looks more like a weird grey and CAP is so dark i can't even update my horses cause they look flat and i can't see the shadings and shines properly. I'm not at my PC rn but i will check it later!

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