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  • So Elysia my Normand Cob is in game now, the problem is pose player does now seem to be working. I need Liberty photos of her, but when I ask her to use The player it will not work, the task goes away and is ignored. I do have a lot of poses in my folder. Can someone help me with this . Thank you

  • Does the player with other Sims work?

  • Check if you have any adult horse poses in your mods folder. If there are none, or it can't read the files for some reason, it will cancel the interaction.

    You could try restarting your game with only the poses you want to use. It gets quite hard to manage and troubleshoot a large assortment of files. If you've got a lot of files, some of them might be conflicting (i.e. the game can't read them)

  • PR Committee

    If you've definitely got poses in your game and the poseplayer interaction just cancels itself, it usually means you have corrupt / conflicting poses. If you've installed any new ones recently, try removing those and see if that works again :smile:

  • Okay I will remove the pose and check. Thanks all <3

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