Tumblr blogs?

  • Hi!
    Im looking for some good blogs on tumblr, i search both great blogs, and also great blogs, or persons that share sims custom content, like plants, simmer stuff and things i can use in my stable :)

  • I reblog a lot of things on my Olympia Equine tumblr, you can find a link in my Olympia Equine Estates post, it should be the "scrapbook" link. If needed I can link it here too. I try to post anything cool or helpful i find.

  • I use Lana and Emily for all kinds of sim stuff! They have wide varieties of anything you need, and they are both very organized.

  • Okay, i took a look, i already have seen Lana´s blog a few times, but now i think i got what i wanted downloaded from the blog xD
    I also took a look at Emily, and i might download some stuff there as well.

    But i still miss the horse stuff, do you know any good sites?

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