Beewery & St. Gregory 🐝 [comments are welcome]

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    This Album is now active.. somehow
    That was a lot of work.
    But I think it worth it!
    See belowNapoleon, Vladimir Heavy Draft Stallion
    I hope you enjoy that album, my content,
    all new breathing stuff and everything else.

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  • He's gorgeous! I love your new blog layout :)

  • Cute horses :3 ♥

  • Everything about this blog is such a cute aesthetic I'm in love :weary: :heart:

  • O M G :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Absolutely breathtaking!! :heart:

  • Everything on that picture is great. I am so jealous of your editing.

  • Everything looks fantastic! Also that Heavy Draft. <3

  • This blog is perfect
    From the first post on everything is just so beautiful

  • Love the presentation! And your edit so far! :D This is gonna be one HQ blog!

  • How have I not seen this :heart_eyes: this blog is absolutely stunning and so well put together! I hope we get to see more :smile:

  • First of all thank you for so much responses!
    I did not expected that as many people as I can see here will comment and give me attention.
    I appreciate that a lot. And I love seeing all of you here around. Time by time these feeling I have missed comes back and I am very into being more at equus again. (when time allowes, you know that problem I guess.)

    @Samantha-Jadirea I thank you very much ! I played around with it a long time.. xD
    @Anna-Winters thank you!
    @Kayla-Greyson Thats are so nice and kind words ♥ Thanks!
    @Stacy-Michaelson T H A N K Y O U ♥
    @Jase-Sunshine Oh thank you for that! I am not that happy with that picture tbh. But its the first after being abstinent of equus xD
    @Maize-Winters ♥ they are awesome right :3?
    @Mira-Green Thank you ♥
    @Lidija-Rotherford Awww! I hope I lot I can hold "that" quality..xD
    @Isabella-Khrazenzia Thanks dear ♥ Just can give that comment back! I do like your work a lot as well :)

  • When you said you've been gone forever, I was really sad because I love seeing you update and drooling over your gorgeous pictures. And I am just glad your break didn't take too long and you decided to come back because now we all can admire your picuteres, stories and horses again and I cannot wait what you've got in store for us next. Knowing you, it will be absolutely stunning.

  • Oh my God. Your screenshot processing is awesome :smiley: And yes, it's great to see a Russian horse breed )

  • yooo i thought ill never see u again! U bad bee!
    very very bad bee!

  • @Aliisa-Pohl I feel very very honored about your comment!
    I hope I can be a bit more active then I have been the (feels like the whole) time before! Not even just with horses.

    @Zatanna-Westerlund haha yes it is! I love the vladimir heavy draft! that & that was the inspiration! (hes soo pretty ♥)

    @Ivan-Kanerva ♥ ♥

    alt text
    "Time has go on and much in my life has changed.
    You havent heart for a long time about me and my personal life..
    I met a man who is like the men I ever wanted. To be true.. I came in contact with him about the internet.
    But that does not matter. Thanks for everything and for beeing my hero, the person who loves me with all my faults..
    ups and downs..."

    ~ Hedwig Baldwin
    alt text
    alt text
    Hedwig & Joel Baldwin ♥

  • Beautyful dress and super cute cuple ♥

  • your editing is always so flawless and is absolutely breathtaking :open_mouth:

    not to mention all your horses are so realistic looking and all look so unique :heart:

  • @Anna-Winters thank you my love ♥
    @Jasmine-Wilkinson aww thank you so much ♥ That means so much to me!!

    alt text
    All those days watching from the windows
    All those years outside looking in
    All that time never even knowing
    Just how blind I've been
    Now I'm here blinking in the starlight
    Now I'm here suddenly I see
    Standing here it's all so clear
    I'm where I'm meant to be
    And at last I see the light
    And it's like the fog has lifted
    And at last I see the light
    And it's like the sky is new
    And it's warm and real and bright
    And the world has somehow shifted
    All at once everything looks different
    Now that I see you.
    ~ Disney's Tangled
    P.S: This picture is a little older..
    the original one is a bit different (with another boy @Ivan-Kanerva Matty for live ♥).
    I edited a bit for having now Joel in that picture.
    alt text

  • Oh wow, this is incredible :sparkles:

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