[Wanted] Holiday Horse Parents For Some Orphans

  • ehehehehehee.........

    I'm in search of some unlucky mares and maybe a stud or two to sire some of the horses I've picked up over the holidays. Here's what I'm in search of, and I'm more than willing to trade fairly in cash or breedings to pay;

    • A roan Trakehner mare/roan Thoroughbred mare carrying black. Preferably 2nd gen+. Disciplines doesn't matter, neither does points. Unrelated to my own lines would be a bonus!

    • A tobiano Trakehner stallion/mare, carrying flaxen. Preferably 2nd gen+, discipline/points don't matter but has to be unrelated to my lines.

    That's kind of it. Again, willing to trade or pay, whatever you'd like! <3

  • If you find a Trakehner mare carrying flaxen, I can offer this guy: WD Picasso, second gen bay tobiano Trakehner. 124 points in show hunters, gives 3+, still competing.

  • PR Committee

    Unsure if you have anyone related to Ross, but he's an option: TMBR Rosario (tobi/flaxen)

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