Sims is not saving anymore and crashing silently..

  • Hello guys..
    I need some help.. :(
    My sims is somehow not saving anymore...
    I mean I start it normally, I use it normally and it saves normally as it always did..
    But when I start it again, it has not saved the game and everything I made is gone..

    I tried to clean the folders, to sort out downloads and packages..
    I recreated the family/world (so new saves) but it does not work.. :(

  • Edit... Now its crashing just silently.. no message.. nothing, it just closes.. :( any tips....?

  • Have you tried to create a new Sims3 Folder and then starting and saving the game? Next step to put the worlds in, try again. The Packages, try again. The lots, try again.
    I had this problem with a lot. After reinstalling the lot my game was okay. Another time it crashed without anything in it and I had to install it new. Cleaning the pc registry is also a try.
    Good luck!

  • @Sorina-Collins
    It does not work... :(

  • @Hediwg-Johnson It still chrashes, without any cc or lots or whatever? o.o

  • @Sorina-Collins It does not crash without CC etc.. but when I put in the mods folder again and downloads it crashs... (put it in slowley)

  • PR Committee

    It sounds like there is a corrupt or outdated mod or piece of cc in your game. Have you downloaded anything new recently? I would make sure all of your mods are compatible with your patch and make sure they are sims 3 mods. Same thing with downloads. A piece of sims 4 cc will crash your game. I would do 5-6 files at a time launch your game close and repeat. Do you have anything merged?

  • As Danielle said, looks like a mod or cc cause your trouble. No other way as to find it o.o

  • Update:
    Now it is not crashing anymore... a new problem is there.. :/
    Now it won’t save anymore. I tried to redo the world, with the family, cleaned the folders again, put all corrupted packages out (worked with the dashboard) and yeah... 😅

  • As per this thread, try recovering a backup of your saves by going to your "Saves" file. Find your saved game yourworld.sims3 and rename it to yourworld.sims3.123 Then find the backup file (yourworld.sims3.backup and rename it to yourworld.sims3. Then try launching your game.

    You can also try removing your yourworld.sims3 file and rename the yourworld.sims3.backup to yourworld.sims3, it's basically the same thing.

  • @Isaiah-Pace tried it... like in that thread but dont work.. :(

  • @Hediwg-Johnson That's a tricky one then, usually your problem's due to a corrupt save file ; / Have you tried the Save As option in game rather than using Save/Save and quit? Sometimes that works. Another solution could be saving all your households and lots to the library and starting a new game, it could be that there's a problem with the world you're using.

  • @Isaiah-Pace
    I dont think its the world.. that'd be weird.. i have builded it a while ago and it worked awesomely...
    I deleted sims fully from my computer and reinstalled it then.. Put all things in again and till that moment that problem has started..

    I can try it with save as, thats an opinion.. I'll try!

  • I have deleted the newest dl/packages and my game is starting differend..
    Normally it hasnt shown me these mod script window.. Not it shows me that window... maybe thats a good sign .. xD

  • Nope dont work......

  • After deinstalling your game, did you clean your Laptop or PC registry? Missing cleaning can cause trouble with the new installed game.

  • @Nathaniel-Lujan
    Uff i really don’t know it i did.... I think I cleaned it with CCleaner once.
    I tried to reinstall everything now from the beginning..... I hope that will work

  • I had the exact same problem as you! My game was crashing just after loading or it wasn't loading at all (black screen). I first thought I had broken .package files but nope. I solved my issue by merging my files and it works perfectly well (and it is much more easier for my computer lol)

  • Well, now i have not wred all the comments, but the program sims 3 dashboard should be able to help you finding all problems in your CC folder.

  • Hedwig, did you say your game worked properly after a factory reset?

    i.e. did you:

    • rename your ...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder to something else
    • and then let the game create a new clean one?

    If it worked ok after this with no custom content, and it could save and didn't crash, then there should be no need for re-installing or registry editing. In that case it's something with your custom content, or there could be something wrong with your hardware (damaged memory etc).

    Also, just be sure you always have any files or folders closed that the game would need to use. Mine does a silent crash when I have a custom content file open in S3PE at the same time the game is running.

  • @Bea-May I will try to do that with some packages maybe that helps..
    @Thea-Radmer I have that and no Package is broken..
    @Samantha-Jadirea I did.. did not worked.. :/

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