Sims is not saving anymore and crashing silently..

  • After deinstalling your game, did you clean your Laptop or PC registry? Missing cleaning can cause trouble with the new installed game.

  • @Nathaniel-Lujan
    Uff i really don’t know it i did.... I think I cleaned it with CCleaner once.
    I tried to reinstall everything now from the beginning..... I hope that will work

  • I had the exact same problem as you! My game was crashing just after loading or it wasn't loading at all (black screen). I first thought I had broken .package files but nope. I solved my issue by merging my files and it works perfectly well (and it is much more easier for my computer lol)

  • Well, now i have not wred all the comments, but the program sims 3 dashboard should be able to help you finding all problems in your CC folder.

  • Hedwig, did you say your game worked properly after a factory reset?

    i.e. did you:

    • rename your ...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder to something else
    • and then let the game create a new clean one?

    If it worked ok after this with no custom content, and it could save and didn't crash, then there should be no need for re-installing or registry editing. In that case it's something with your custom content, or there could be something wrong with your hardware (damaged memory etc).

    Also, just be sure you always have any files or folders closed that the game would need to use. Mine does a silent crash when I have a custom content file open in S3PE at the same time the game is running.

  • @Bea-May I will try to do that with some packages maybe that helps..
    @Thea-Radmer I have that and no Package is broken..
    @Samantha-Jadirea I did.. did not worked.. :/

  • I think somehow it is my family..
    I tried to work on it while having no sims in my game, but when I put them in my game crashs by saving with them in it..

  • I had a problem that sounds a bit similar. I think it had to do with overstuffed households in the Library. I removed all overstuffed households from the Library and that ended the problem.

  • I also always delete the .index file in SavedSims :)

  • do you play with a hq mod? because i had the exact same problem a few weeks ago but as soon as i put the original graphics rule in the sims game bin it saved normally x

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