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  • Accidentally put the wrong last name for one of my riders. Lila Tracey should have Erickson as her last name instead.

    Nikki: Lila Tracey changed to Lila Erickson :D

  • I accidentally made a mistake in my name :sweat_smile: Should be Gundrun Ward - line 916

    Nikki: Fixed! :D

  • Administrators

    Made another mistake :face_palm: Please change rider name Valeriana Durand to Ophelia Clemont! Had the completely wrong thing written down on my info sheet :laughing:

    Nikki: Fixed! :D

  • I submitted a rider twice as I couldn't get the image link to work the first time. Could you please delete the first Amanda Salisbury and keep the second? Thanks :)

    Nikki: Sorted!

  • Uhm I think I messed up lol. I totally forgot about this and that we uploaded pictures of our riders when we registered them, I'm working on fixing some minor details on them and taking new pics and that means that I've deleted some of the old pictures of them before I uplodaded their new ones to my imgur account >.< Do you guys want me to post the new links here for the ones I've deleted ?

  • Administrators

    Not necessary - we saw the pictures and know you made the riders :)

  • Phu, thanks! ^^

  • i made a Boo boo, when i was Putting in my New rider i put lexi house in for the name Again, when she was Registered awhile ago. and then because im Sleepy, i added n my New rider Again Correctly but its also declines because it used the Same photo as the Dud lexi House one. so sorry

    Nikki: I don't see any errors under your name, can you be more specific about which riders you need fixed?

  • I'm sorry if someone has asked it already and I've missed it, but how do I change a rider's name?

    Nikki: To fix an error with a rider's name you can comment here and we will fix them when we can. :slight_smile:

  • Ah, its been Fixed. it was Showing up as Already used, now they are all Accepted! Sweet

  • I just noticed that I spelled the username's surname wrong when I was registering Angel Stone as a rider... It's "Mongtomery" instead of "Montgomery" :see_no_evil:

  • Maybe I missed it but how exactly do establishment's earn points and how can we see how many points our establishment has?

  • Administrators

    Establishment earn points by entering shows, and you can see your points by looking at the Establishment page on the leaderboard for the discipline.

  • i just realized all my riders are registered under the member name of Charlie Smith (before my name change). Is there a form or way i can ask to get it changed to my current name? :smiley:

  • Do riders and establishments give 1 bonus point per title they get? So like rider has 3 titles, so they give 3 points, and the establishment has 2 so it gives 2 extra points?

  • Had a major brain fart and registered a rider with my old name. Mathew Roberts belongs to Ashton Mills, not Addie Watson. Can this be fixed?

  • Is it possible to change the member's name from "Richard Sterling" to "Eric Sobeck" from my registered riders so they are showing up with my current name?

  • I started a little and made mistakes. Can you change a Member's Name to several sims? Troy Westerlund, Cheryl Westerlund and Zatanna Westerlund on Zatanna Westerlund :sweat_smile:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Would someone please change the following riders' names?

    Giulio Della Monica to: Giulio Cletto
    Juliana Ferreti to: Duda Brasil

    Thank you!

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