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  • Phu, thanks! ^^

  • i made a Boo boo, when i was Putting in my New rider i put lexi house in for the name Again, when she was Registered awhile ago. and then because im Sleepy, i added n my New rider Again Correctly but its also declines because it used the Same photo as the Dud lexi House one. so sorry

    Nikki: I don't see any errors under your name, can you be more specific about which riders you need fixed?

  • I'm sorry if someone has asked it already and I've missed it, but how do I change a rider's name?

    Nikki: To fix an error with a rider's name you can comment here and we will fix them when we can. :slight_smile:

  • Sorry if this has been asked already but I'm not reading through 29 posts right now. My rider, Leanne Forbes, was denied bc the picture was already used. Its a couple sim picture, so it has two of my riders in it. Can this be addressed please if it has not already.

    Nikki: Fixed- for future reference, if you need to use a photo twice in rider registration, please either upload the photo a second time so it has a unique url or specify which sim the photo is being used for alongside the photo url.

  • Ah, its been Fixed. it was Showing up as Already used, now they are all Accepted! Sweet

  • I just noticed that I spelled the username's surname wrong when I was registering Angel Stone as a rider... It's "Mongtomery" instead of "Montgomery" :see_no_evil:

  • Maybe I missed it but how exactly do establishment's earn points and how can we see how many points our establishment has?

  • Administrators

    Establishment earn points by entering shows, and you can see your points by looking at the Establishment page on the leaderboard for the discipline.

  • i just realized all my riders are registered under the member name of Charlie Smith (before my name change). Is there a form or way i can ask to get it changed to my current name? :smiley:

  • Do riders and establishments give 1 bonus point per title they get? So like rider has 3 titles, so they give 3 points, and the establishment has 2 so it gives 2 extra points?

  • Had a major brain fart and registered a rider with my old name. Mathew Roberts belongs to Ashton Mills, not Addie Watson. Can this be fixed?

  • Is it possible to change the member's name from "Richard Sterling" to "Eric Sobeck" from my registered riders so they are showing up with my current name?

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