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    Rider Registration

    Riders need two things for registration:

    • A unique name
      There can only be one John Doe in all of Equus - the first person to register a name will make that name unavailable to register for any other member.
    • A photo
      This photo must contain your rider's face - everything else is possible (within equus rules.) It can be a photo from competition, or on the sofa, or a fancy portrait photo!

    Rider Registration Form

    Registered Rider List

    Role in Shows


    Riders earn expertise in any discipline they're entered in. They can ride 2 horses in each show, and if they do well in shows, they earn more expertise, at the following rates:

    • 1st: 5 points
    • 2nd, 3rd, 4th: 3 points
    • 5th, 6th: 2 points
    • Participation: 1 point

    Riders title similarly to horses, with each title they earn gaining them (and their mounts) another expertise in the related discipline. Rider titles are:

    • Rookie / 25pts
    • Amateur / 50pts
    • Professional /100pts
    • Expert / 150pts
    • Veteran / 200pts


    As an equivalent to pedigree bonuses in horses, riders competing in disciplines for which their owner / establishment has lots of experience in will offer a skill bonus to their horses sooner.

    Establishments get experience based on the number of shows their owner competes in, per discipline. Also similar to pedigree bonuses, establishment experience is applied as a bonus to all riders in per discipline.
    Establishment titles are:

    • Startup Stable / 10
    • Aspiring Enterprise / 20
    • Blossoming Barn / 30
    • Expert Enterprise / 40
    • International Operation / 50


    Rider and Establishment bonuses work in shows the same was as pedigree bonuses do currently - and together with the pedigree bonuses they cap out at 25 in shows.

    Horse has 12 pedigree points in dressage, his rider has 2 titles in dressage, and the establishment has 1 title in dressage: Horse will compete with a 15 point bonus

    To see your riders expertise and your establishments bonuses in a discipline, just check out the leaderboard!


    Q. I don't want to use riders. Do I have to?

    A. You still will need to enter a name in shows, but you don't need to ever register a rider and it will be like nothing has changed :)

    Q. Can I have a child / teen / elder rider?

    A. We won't be enforcing anything about your sims unless they break Equus rules, so any age is fine!

    Q. Is my rider tied to a particular horse?

    Nope! Throw them on any horse who needs a boost this week!

    Q. Can I sell my rider to another player?

    No, riders are not transferable between players.

    Q. Can my rider be in multiple disciplines?

    Yes! Your rider can be in any disciplines and as many as you like.

    Q. Can I change my rider's name?

    No, your rider's name is their unique identifier and can't be changed. If you want a rider with a different name then please make a new rider.

  • (I hope I am allowed to write here)
    A question because everyone is turning a lil crazy on Slack with having to get more riders.
    Is it now that 1 Rider can only enter 2 times in a whole show? (Other than 2 times per level in a show like previously.)

    Nikki: This is correct, a rider's name may only be used 2x per SHOW, verus being able to be used 2x per LEVEL as previously allowed. There are a number of random name generators available if you simply need names to enter horses, as riders do not have to be registered to compete.

  • I made a mess. I accendently put the link in the name too, could‘t find a form or something to get it fixed, so I thought I could just sent it in again with the right name. Now it is complaining, because the pic is already used. Could someone fix that for me? :see_no_evil:

    Nikki: Fixed!

  • @Kody-Böhming said in Rider Registration & FAQ:

    (I hope I am allowed to write here)
    A question because everyone is turning a lil crazy on Slack with having to get more riders.

    Is it now that 1 Rider can only enter 2 times in a whole show? (Other than 2 times per level in a show like previously.)

    I have wondering exact same as you do since it's an huge different between 2 horses per rider total in each show vs 2 horses per rider per level so it would be good to know how it will work more exact so I can sort out a sort of plan how to decide which horses with which rider etc.

    Nikki: Yes, the rule has been changed to be 2 horses per rider in a show. We know this is a big change, but it was the only way to keep the new system in balance.

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    It's per show :slight_smile:

  • Development Committee

    I'm really bad at filling out forms :see_no_evil: I apparently like to spell my name wrong. Connor White's member name should be Octavia Ryland (instead of Octavia Rland) Sorry!

    Nikki: Fixed!

  • Is it only registered riders that can compete 2 time in one show (rather than 2 per level) or is that for all riders now?

    Nikki: It is all riders- the show documents are not able to distinguish between registered and non-registered riders, so the rule applies across the board.

  • My internet is dying on me so Mariah Kang got submitted twice so she couldn't be approved :see_no_evil: Could that be fixed? :sweat_smile:

    Nikki: Fixed!

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    I will be replying to everyone's questions and registration errors by editing their post- I will upvote your post if your question has been answered or your edit has been completed! :D

  • Riders don't have to grow older do they? As i wanted my main sim a rider and don't want her to age then die :(

    From the first post:

    Q. Can I have a child / teen / elder rider?
    A. We won't be enforcing anything about your sims unless they break Equus rules, so any age is fine!

    Same as with horses, we don't have any rules about ages- your story is yours to tell, however you want to tell it. :slight_smile:

  • And this is effectively killing competing with small number of riders, how wonderful... It's already long grind to get pts/shows for horses when there is only two shows per discipline available each month and now there's really no point doing it at all when you have more than two horses for each rider you have...
    Not to mention, if you have no interest in rider registration and some lovely soul decides to steal (aka register) rider's name(s) you've had for years... That sounds pretty much game over for one's riders.
    Why not rider IDs? The reasonable 2 horses/level, if you don't use ID when entering / can enter only 2 horses with rider ID ?
    The way it's going to be now is pretty much saying that, if you don't wanna do it this way, then forget doing it at all. I have no interest to go on and have one rider for each horse I own as this system is pushing you to, that's not how (relatively) small stables work nor even big ones for that matter.

    Nikki: Riders can only offer up to +5 bonus per horse, which is less than the bonus you get by breeding two horses with International titles. I assure you, you will not be at an extreme disadvantage in shows if you choose not to use registered riders. I can't speak for someone "stealing" rider names, but I have faith that most people in our community have more decency than to do something like that. However, if this is something that concerns you, I encourage you to spend a few minutes finding a photo of your sim and registering them so you don't have to worry about it.
    Rider IDs are something we considered but ultimately decided against it as it would require members to submit another entry at shows, and we prefered to save everyone some time by skipping them. Furthermore, I am not sure rider IDs would have prevented the issues that are upsetting you, as the rider per show limit was implemented to ensure balance between smaller stables and larger ones and the rate at which their riders could earn experience.
    I am sorry you feel that the addition of riders have made such an impact on your game. We were not attempting to limit or control the way you create your story, merely add another dynamic to your gameplay. I hope you can find a way to set up your riders to continue to play. :slight_smile:

  • I want to say thank you for launching this! I love that riders can have an effect on our horses and that the more experienced a rider is, the easier time they can have with a "green" horse, essentially. I also love that it gives our riders more of a purpose and prestige of their own. :dancer:
    I know the system is brand new, but after it's had some time to settle, do you think it would be possible to review the 2 horses per rider per show limit? I understand having a limit, but maybe something like 4 would be more realistic? I mean this in the sense that, in real life, most professional riders have a team of horses and enter multiple horses in the same show, typically in different levels, but sometimes even in the same level (ie some show jumping events). Or jockeys will ride in several different races in one day, etc. Most professional riders don't compete in multiple disciplines either, so for those who want to be realistic with our riders, that might mean you have to have 25 riders per discipline, which would very quickly add up! I'm a bit sad that some of my riders, with their 3-6 horse teams, will have to choose between entering all of their horses in one show or give up some of their horses to other riders - I got pretty attached to their pixel bonds!
    Again, thank you for launching this, and I'm excited to see more of riders and their stories! :heart:

    Nikki: Hey Erin, thank you for your feedback. The 2 horses per rider per show limit is unlikely to be lifted, unfortunately- if we thought there was a better way to balance the system with more riders allowed we would have found a way to implement it, however this number was not chosen arbitrarily. The issue is that each rider earns points for each entry in each show they enter. Therefore, we had to find a way to ensure that larger stables that could enter a rider the maximum amount of times per show per discipline would not have an extreme advantage over smaller stables.
    Please keep a few things in mind:
    -You can use the same 25 riders for each discipline you participate in. Your registered riders can be entered in every discipline and earn experience in every discipline. There is no limit to the amount of disciplines that a rider can be earning experience in, so you technically only need a total of 25 registered riders to enter the maximum amount of horses in every show.
    -You do not need to register riders, period. You can register your main riders that you prefer to roleplay with and have them earn experience and bonuses, and use randomized filler names for the rest of your entries. You still can only enter a rider 2x per show, however it will be easier to fill in those gaps if you only register a select few riders.

    I am sympathetic to wanting to be realistic with your story and riders, and I understand that this change can create some challenges with re-arranging horses, riders and disciplines to make it work and suit your needs, however I hope the rewards and dynamics this new system brings to Equus is worth the annoyance. :slight_smile:

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    The reason for the 2 horses per show is that allowing more riders would give a huge advantage for those with a lot of horses compared to the ones with just a few. And we don't want some members to have more advantage than anyone else. At least this is the answer that has been given out on slack when it comes to the rider rule :slight_smile:

  • a huge thank you to all the staff that made this happen :sparkling_heart: :sparkles: i've always felt that the system ran in favor of more and more horses, because there's effectively nothing stopping you from entering the max in a show. it's so lovely seeing the community focus on their staff, riders, the people behind the ponies, and a bit more roleplay now--even when the whole thing is entirely optional and all we really need for them is a name and a profile picture. this is a lovely step in a more realistic/roleplay-oriented direction, i think, instead of solely focusing on numbers and pedigrees. thank you :heartpulse:

  • PR Committee

    I'm so happy and excited for this new option that our rider sims can actually be useful in some way; a big thank you to the staff who worked hard on making this happen and answering all our questions too :sparkling_heart: I love that having riders registered is optional and personally, I only have a small clutter of sims I actually care about and enjoy enough to actually register, but what would happen if I (accidentally) entered a sim riding more than two horses per show? Will just one of their entries be disqualified or all that sim's entries?

    Nikki: Similar to when you make a mistake when entering horses (such as a name or ID error, or entering too many horses per show) the show sheets will flag the error and you will be able to post in the chatter thread with your mistake, and our lovely show hosts will sort it for you. :D

  • Administrators

    @Callixta-Rosella I'm fairly sure the sheets will scream at you if you do :wink:

  • How many riders can be registered? I teamed up a pair of horses to each rider that works at my stable.

    Nikki: You may register as many riders as you wish. :D

  • My first registered "Alice Parker" should be Julie Holt, I messed up if someone can correct it please? Line 628!

    Nikki: Fixed!

  • Antonia Harvey is one of my riders, so member's name should be Jessi Dean :)

    Elsie: Sorted :)

  • Administrators

    Accidentally submitted a staff member twice! Please remove either entry of Allison Vaughn :D Thank you so much for all the work you do! <3

    Nikki: Fixed! :D

  • Accidentally put the wrong last name for one of my riders. Lila Tracey should have Erickson as her last name instead.

    Nikki: Lila Tracey changed to Lila Erickson :D

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