Equus 2019 Announcements - Riders, International Shows!

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    :mrs_claus: Happy Holidays, Equus
    We’re getting ready to open shows for 2019 and we have some changes to announce, so you can get ready too!

    Can I have a drum roll please…


    Equus now (finally) has riders as more than just a thing to fill a text box in your show entry forms.

    Riders have skills - if you enter them in disciplines, they’ll get better at them and they’ll help your horse do better!
    Riders can ride any discipline - does your main man John Doe ride Dressage, Vaulting, and Roping? Sure thing. He’ll gain expertise in each of them!
    Members have experience - (this means you!) Your establishments now reflect how many shows you enter a in discipline by giving your riders extra skill, which in turn helps your horses!

    If you’re struggling without pedigree bonuses, or just have that stubborn horse who refuses to win, throw a more experienced rider on them to give them the kick in the butt that they need to get that title!

    For more information and a by-the-numbers breakdown, check out this rider info page.

    International Shows

    Coming up, we have some shows you really don’t want to miss.
    International shows are the big highlight of the year, starring 3 phases including two photos and points & cash galore!

    Sign up for the Qualifier phase and show us your training photo, show off in the Competition phase with a photo of your horse strutting his stuff, and you’re able to enter the Results phase and see how you did. International shows happen only once a year per discipline and first places will net you 25pts and 12k in winnings - but you have to enter all the phases to get it. We’ll see you in the ring this year!

    For all the dirty details and to ask your questions, wander over to this FAQ. (WIP)

    New Disciplines

    You may have seen our new disciplines around!
    Equus now has 45 disciplines, with our new additions

    • Equitation
    • Gymkhana
    • Liberty
    • Puissance
    • Ridden Showing
    • Vaulting

    Unfortunately we had to make room for these new disciplines by changing the way we handle shows for unpopular disciplines. The following disciplines got an average 30 entries per show (compared to the overall equus average of 800 - you’re a busy bunch!) and have been taken off the roster of CC hosted shows.

    • Horseball
    • Roping
    • Sorting & Penning
    • Working Equitation

    To compensate for this we have made the following changes:

    • Disciplines in this group can have 2 member hosted shows a month
    • Member hosted shows for these disciplines can go to lvl10

    Our goals with this change is to make room for new disciplines on the show roster, while still allowing members who are motivated to promote these disciplines the ability to keep them active and compete. Please let us know if you have any other ideas to help keep them alive!

  • It's always impressive to see how the more technical side of Equus chugs along with wonderful gameplay changes that keep things fresh and fabulous for us plebians who only see the end result. I absolutely adore how riders are handled now and involve both us as players and those sims we keep in game in the meta now, and International shows are definitely going to be some fierce competition. 10/10, would read this announcement again.


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    Super exciting stuff! 😍

  • This is a great idea! Now even myself get motivated to enter some shows. And i'm happy to see equus making some changes from year to year to keep the game fun 😄

  • Ahh haa very cool !! love this idea !!! thank you :) 2019 years of riders !!!

  • Will the international shows be run for the smaller disciplines that aren't going to be run by the CC? I'd love the chance to throw my horseballers into that!

  • so excited for these changes!!!!

  • This sounds awesome and very exciting!! :D

  • That is so fantastic I am so excited !

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    @Rachel-Deacon at the moment we will not be running international shows for the MH-only disciplines, but exceptions will be discussed in cases where a very experienced member host is asking.

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