Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019)

  • Blue Hors Cornetto <3 <3 <3

  • sooo many gorgeous pictures :D
    my favs would be Halcanero and Genius <3 so so gorgeous. but those others are pretty too <3

  • The pictures are so crisp and colorful. Love it!

  • Thank you all for your lovely words! <3

    Some unedited training pics. <3

    ANH Q O' Bumblebee - Appaloosa Stallion
    0_1562492469984_Bee Training.jpg

    ANH Sheza Cherry Queen - American Paint Horse Mare
    0_1562492475843_Cherry Training.jpg

    DBR Lookin Lika Model - American Paint Horse Mare @Chloe-West
    0_1562492491497_Loki Training.jpg

    Engelberg's Kronprinz - Mecklenburg Stallion
    0_1562492506135_Prinz Longe.jpg

    Engelberg's Million Dollar - Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion
    0_1562492512056_Dollar Longe.jpg

    Engelberg's Official - German Riding Pony Mare
    0_1562492521432_Official Training.jpg

    Foxhill's She's Designer- Oldenburg Mare
    0_1562492533669_Diva Training.jpg

    GGR Morningstar - Holsteiner Mare @Sophie-Finster
    0_1562492545661_Star Training.jpg

    GGR Noble Lady - Holsteiner Mare @Sophie-Finster
    0_1562492551111_Lady Training.jpg

    IVH Bourbon - Westphalian Stallion @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492587080_Bob Training.jpg

    IVH Remember Me - Hanoverian Stallion @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492593699_Robby Training.jpg

    IVH Sansibar - Kinsky Horse Mare @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492601999_Sansi Training.jpg

    Laurent's Schattentänzer - Czech Warmblood Stallion
    0_1562492617161_Dancer Training.jpg

    Laurent's Silent Night - Czech Warmblood Mare
    0_1562492622608_Sally Training.jpg

    Swanlake's Florence - Hanoverian Mare
    0_1562492671490_Flora Training.jpg

    YR Murrurundi - Australian Brumby x Arabian Stallion
    0_1562492699621_Muri Training.jpg

    YR Olena Hot Dollar - American Quarter Horse Mare
    0_1562492705250_Lena Training.jpg

    YDA Curioso I - Andalusian Stallion @Jessica-Owens
    0_1562492716213_Curioso Training.jpg

  • Wonderful pictures!

  • My little Curioso :heart_eyes: since he was born I was in love with that colt!

  • Foals are sooo sweet! And we have two!
    The bay one is AE/Serenity's Undercover, a Trakehner Stallion (CHC Union Jack x CHC Olympia). His parents have a lot of points in Eventing (other forum), so we hope for a good eventing future.

    The second one is RFE Valerian, a Belgian Warmblood Stallion (AR Desperado x Indiana S). We hope for a eventing future with him too. <3 @Lidija-Rotherford

    0_1562511069730_Undercover Stall.jpg

    0_1562511072676_Undercover und Valerian Kuscheln.jpg

    0_1562511075814_Undercover und Valerian.jpg

    0_1562511090982_Valerian Kuscheln.jpg

    0_1562511096578_Valerian und Undercover Stall.jpg

    0_1562511100761_Valerian und Undercover Weide.jpg

  • They are TOO cute!

  • Adorable! :smiley:

  • They are so cute <3

  • New Pony...and she loves food. xD Lunar's Phoebe a 6yo Highland Pony Mare. Here disciplines is/are Eventing and/or Gymkhana, I will tested with her in the next days. @Octavia-Ryland

    0_1562614604415_Phoebe Futter.jpg

    0_1562614607267_Phoebe Hunger.jpg

    0_1562614610690_Phoebe Weide.jpg

    0_1562614614952_Phoebe Schlafen.jpg

  • Development Committee

    Phoebe! Look at her! :heart_eyes: She already looks so happy in her new home! I'm so happy she's found such a wonderful home where she can cause some adorable trouble, hide those treats! ;)

  • Your photos are so great!! and that two little foals are really cuute

  • Today we made a little feed test with Lunar's Phoebe ( @Octavia-Ryland )
    Phoebe love a lot of feed and treats, but we made a test today to decide which is the one and only feed for Phoebe :D

    What do you think which feed choose Phoebe? :)

    0_1562785814501_Phoebe Futtertest I.jpg

  • OCS Pocco Sandy Sea (left) and her big daughter D/Z Sheza Golden Gun (right) on the pasture. <3 @Kody-Böhming

    0_1563205200822_Hazzel and Mom.jpg

  • I don't know if I show you some of my new horses, so I search pics from my "newest" horses...soo...sorry when I show you the pics...xD

    My newest horse and a beautiful boy! ANH Won Vital Code, 7 yo American Quarter Horse Stallion

    0_1565515598955_Vital Ankunft.jpg

    I'm very proud that I created this horse, it was the most complicated coat which I created!
    AE All Spots on Chicago, 6yo Pony of the Americas Stallion

    0_1565515608022_Spot Reitplatz.jpg

    A breed which I don't found in the community yet so...did I have the first horse of the breed in the Com? xD
    AE Escolar, 9yo Portugese Sport Horse Stallion

    0_1565515626920_Escolar Training.jpg

    A lot of Spanish Power! AE Imperio, 9 yo Lusitano Stallion

    0_1565515636441_Imperio Training.jpg

    Perfect partner for childs! CR Despacito, 9 yo Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion

    0_1565515693430_Despi Training.jpg

    I found the file from one of my favorites boy and I fall new in love with him!
    CSS Donnerhall, 10 yo Oldenburg Stallion

    0_1565515723200_Donner Training.jpg

    Brother from my pony mare Official! Engelberg's Offspring, 7yo German Riding Pony Stallion

    0_1565515933761_Spring Training.jpg

    Perfect Partner for Dressage! Engelberg's Silver Knight, 7yo Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion

    0_1565515944408_Kiko Reitplatz.jpg

    Omg I loooove this boy, my friend did a great job with creating him!
    Engelberg's Solaris Buenno, 8 yo KWPN Stallion

    0_1565515952211_Soli Ankunft.jpg

    New Mustang girl from @Piper-Chance ! WSP Hummingbird, she's 3 yo and I will have a lot of work with her.

    0_1565516023897_ Birdie Ankunft.jpg

  • Please never apologize for showing off new horses! :D <3
    they all look great!
    what exactly is the hardest coat you've ever created? Blanket appaloosa?
    Also I've never seen a Portuguese Sporthorse around here if I remember correctly :blush:
    Donnerhall is so handsome! Maybe you can post more of him in the future ;)

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld said in Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019):

    Please never apologize for showing off new horses! :D <3
    they all look great!
    what exactly is the hardest coat you've ever created? Blanket appaloosa?
    Also I've never seen a Portuguese Sporthorse around here if I remember correctly :blush:
    Donnerhall is so handsome! Maybe you can post more of him in the future ;)

    Yes, he's a Grullo Blanket Appaloosa I don't create a coat like this before him :D

  • It's Rodeo Time! I was with ANH Won Vital Code on a Rodeo Festival and we compete in the Pole Bending. It was a lot of action and a lot of fun. My boy did a great job! <3

    0_1565545263791_Vital Pole Bending.jpg

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