Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019)

  • @Ivan-Kanerva Updated this boy for me and now I love him more and more <3 Atthila LET, 8yo Thoroughbred Stallion

    0_1558262992397_Atthila Vorstellung.jpg

    0_1558262995925_Atthila und Nino.jpg

  • Blue Hors Kannan, 3yo KWPN Stallion. I will train him in dressage <3

    0_1558856743029_Kannan Vorstellung.jpg

    0_1558856746758_Kannan Geburt.jpg

  • Baby! <3

  • Baby of blue horse stable ?

  • @Ian-Salvatore said in Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019):

    Baby of blue horse stable ?

    Yes! <3

  • BS Avenida, 3yo Westphalian Mare. I will train her in dressage <3

    0_1558864956613_Dana Vorstellung.jpg

  • D/Z Einsteins Revolution, 7yo AQH Stallion from @Francesca-Díaz <3

    0_1558973084714_Einstein Schnee.jpg

  • The light and atmosphere in your pics is so pretty! I could bring Cahokia and his gorgeous coat home any time, and Atthila too... I love me a flashy chestnut :heart_eyes:

  • Engelberg's Mariko, 7yo Morgan Horse Stallion <3 He has a difficult character but I love him :3

    0_1559229191225_Kiko Vorstellung.jpg

    0_1559229194353_Kiko Training.jpg

  • Vilja and CHC Alfonso train for their first FEI Pony Dressage Competition <3

    0_1559761515602_Alfi Training.jpg

  • Today I will present you my cute Mustang Mare TAG 5424. I take part of the Mustang Makeover from a good friend on Facebook. My mare was in the first time really shy but now I win in little steps her trust. <3

    0_1561920996554_Fee Ankunft.jpg

    0_1561921001103_Fee Kennenlernen.jpg

    0_1561921005710_Fee First Touch.jpg

    0_1561921009606_Fee I.jpg

  • That is such a cool idea. Your Mustang is quite a pretty, little thing.

    Do you get to keep the Mustangs or are they auctioned off after the make over?

  • I keep her :) Because she was my favorit from the mustangs :D

  • A loooot tournament pics for Equus Sims and Cavallus Sims (German Forum) <3

    WHE Lucifer - Oldenburg Stallion - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Eventing)
    0_1561997251941_Lucifer Spring Jubilee.jpg

    Whisper's Look'n Impressive - AQH Mare - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Cutting)
    0_1561997259179_Lina Spring Jubilee.jpg

    ISSH Blackthorn - AQH Stallion - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Cutting)
    0_1561997267142_Thorn Spring Jubilee.jpg

    WEC Banum - Shetlandpony Stallion - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Natural Horsemanship)
    0_1561997397826_Banum Spring Jubilee.jpg

    MWS Civa - German Sport Horse Mare - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Show Jumping)
    0_1561997408933_Civa Spring Jubilee.jpg

    Blue Hors Cornetto - Hanoverian Gelding - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Show Jumping)
    0_1561997416883_Cornetto Spring Jubilee.jpg

    RGP Jazz Galaxy - Australian Warmblood Mare - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Dressage)
    0_1561997435704_Jazz Spring Jubilee.jpg

    Nobody is perfect HE - Haflinger Stallion - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Dressage)
    0_1561997443085_Nobody Spring Jubilee.jpg

    Engelberg's Dressman AT - German Riding Pony Stallion - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Dressage)
    0_1561997454264_Dress Spring Jubilee.jpg

    GGR Little Indian Feather - German Riding Pony Mare - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Dressage)
    0_1561997470858_Jojo Spring Jubilee.jpg

    AE Genius 20 - KWPN Mare - Trillium Spring Jubilee Discipline Show (Dressage)
    0_1561997481573_Gini Spring Jubilee.jpg

    SB/GD Daricho - German Riding Pony Gelding - Festival of Joy Dressage Competition
    0_1561997509392_Daricho Festival of Joy.jpg

    L Halcanero - P.R.E Stallion - Festival of Joy Dressage Competition
    0_1561997517040_Halco Festival of Joy.jpg

    GM Levisto - Holsteiner Stallion - Festival of Joy Dressage Competition
    0_1561997525431_Levisto Festival of Joy.jpg

  • Blue Hors Cornetto <3 <3 <3

  • sooo many gorgeous pictures :D
    my favs would be Halcanero and Genius <3 so so gorgeous. but those others are pretty too <3

  • The pictures are so crisp and colorful. Love it!

  • Thank you all for your lovely words! <3

    Some unedited training pics. <3

    ANH Q O' Bumblebee - Appaloosa Stallion
    0_1562492469984_Bee Training.jpg

    ANH Sheza Cherry Queen - American Paint Horse Mare
    0_1562492475843_Cherry Training.jpg

    DBR Lookin Lika Model - American Paint Horse Mare @Chloe-West
    0_1562492491497_Loki Training.jpg

    Engelberg's Kronprinz - Mecklenburg Stallion
    0_1562492506135_Prinz Longe.jpg

    Engelberg's Million Dollar - Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion
    0_1562492512056_Dollar Longe.jpg

    Engelberg's Official - German Riding Pony Mare
    0_1562492521432_Official Training.jpg

    Foxhill's She's Designer- Oldenburg Mare
    0_1562492533669_Diva Training.jpg

    GGR Morningstar - Holsteiner Mare @Sophie-Finster
    0_1562492545661_Star Training.jpg

    GGR Noble Lady - Holsteiner Mare @Sophie-Finster
    0_1562492551111_Lady Training.jpg

    IVH Bourbon - Westphalian Stallion @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492587080_Bob Training.jpg

    IVH Remember Me - Hanoverian Stallion @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492593699_Robby Training.jpg

    IVH Sansibar - Kinsky Horse Mare @Roselyne-Gaumont
    0_1562492601999_Sansi Training.jpg

    Laurent's Schattentänzer - Czech Warmblood Stallion
    0_1562492617161_Dancer Training.jpg

    Laurent's Silent Night - Czech Warmblood Mare
    0_1562492622608_Sally Training.jpg

    Swanlake's Florence - Hanoverian Mare
    0_1562492671490_Flora Training.jpg

    YR Murrurundi - Australian Brumby x Arabian Stallion
    0_1562492699621_Muri Training.jpg

    YR Olena Hot Dollar - American Quarter Horse Mare
    0_1562492705250_Lena Training.jpg

    YDA Curioso I - Andalusian Stallion @Jessica-Owens
    0_1562492716213_Curioso Training.jpg

  • Wonderful pictures!

  • My little Curioso :heart_eyes: since he was born I was in love with that colt!

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