Voler Pegáse II The future stars [11.09.19]

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    New Year's Eve is coming up and two days ago Hunter arrived. We have been very good friends for several years and he came to spend New Year's Eve here with friends and family. He helped me in the stable to make the final preparations to make everything "New Year's Eve". The horses were allowed to go to the pasture again in the morning, because the afternoon and the night would all be spent in boxes, or the foals in the big boxes to be protected from the fireworks and the noise. After everything was done, Hunter and I stopped at the foal paddock and watched the offspring. For the little ones it was the first snow and the white stuff was exciting on the one hand, but also a bit scary on the other hand. Finally, it was cold on the hooves. The two new additions MEM Zenit and GM Levisto have quickly incorporated and made friends. : 3

    (Front are GM Dacing Queen and MEM Zenit, the two lunatics on the left are Laurent's Shadow Dancer and GM Levisto and the small trio are Nandor HE, Nimmerdor HE and Laurent's Silent Night. <3)

    (Background and Overlay: http://royalelegancestud.wixsite.com/royalelegancestud/blog-1 )

    0_1546348434721_Fohlen Winter.jpg

  • Super Cute Foals ♥ :3

  • Very cute, happy new year 🐎

  • Thanks for your words <3

    Some pics from me :3

    German Riding Pony Mare Engelberg's Official at her first competition <3

    0_1546370104542_Official Christmas Dressage.jpg

    My big love <3 Celine WB (from @Annie-Stokes )

    0_1546370148146_Celine Dressurkür B.jpg

    Welcome Girl <3 DBR Glorious Grace from @Chloe-West came last week and we did a little walk
    (Snow and Overlay by Royal Elegance Stud)

    0_1546370209554_Ginnie Ankunft.jpg

    My lovely girl Edgehill's Love Wins
    (Background and Overlay by Royal Elegance Stud)

    0_1546370385969_Winnie Winter.jpg

    Freaky boy Engelberg's Kronprinz
    (Background and Overlay by Royal Elegance Stud)

    0_1546370446889_Prinz Training.jpg

    Little girl GM Dancing Queen on a Haltershow

    0_1546370488948_Queenie Fohlenshow.jpg

    My first driving pic :ok_woman_tone3: GRFS Con Ferri ( @Anna-Winters )

    0_1546370582688_Corny Driving Competition.jpg

    Other big love <3 GRFS Greta ( @Anna-Winters )

    0_1546370657838_Greta Warnemünde Festival.jpg

    My big forever love <3 AE Darius Royal, my died RealLife Horse

    0_1546370707219_Darius Training.jpg

    My Mustangboy AE Golden Eye

    0_1546370786696_Goldie MMO II.jpg

    A little bit Equikenic with KR Mister Darcy

    0_1546370864807_Darcy Equikinetic.jpg

    OCS Pocco Sandy Sea on a Reining Competition ( @Kody-Böhming )

    0_1546370966155_Sandy Steinfuru.jpg

    Dog and Horse love - PZN Helissio and Cherrie

    0_1546371032592_Heli und Cherrie.jpg

    One of my favorit westernpics :3 RNS Fifth Element of TNT ( @Leila-Macland )

    0_1546371078690_Tine Reiten.jpg

    My favorit ponymare with her foal - SB Fienchen and SB Daily Mirror

    0_1546371209107_Daily Fohlenshow.jpg

    My good friend @Annabelle-Wolfsbane visit me and my daughter Vilja <3
    The fleatbitten mare found a good home @Mestari-Menestys

    0_1546371290754_Annabelle Besuch.jpg

    Big boy meet little boys <3 Wolfbane's Checkpoint Charlie and the Shettys LKS Barbecue and GD Puffelchen

    0_1546371386032_Charlie und Shettys.jpg

    My forever favorit pic :3 MEM Nala and MEM Manila ( @Mestari-Menestys )

    0_1546371444078_Nala und Nali.jpg

  • so many beautiful pictures! Especially liked the Equikinetic one ^^

  • Ahhhh! So many lovely pictures . <3 I love to visit you any time again :)

  • I will introduce you gradually to all my horses. :)

    This is AE Bentley, a German Riding Pony Stallion. He has a big talent at Dressage. <3
    The marking was created by my friend @Kornelia-Dowolski

    0_1547318923842_Bentley Schnee.jpg

  • One of my fastest horses. AE Buena Vista, a 3 yo Thoroughbred mare for flat racing on grass.

    0_1547328475720_Vista Schnee.jpg

  • My fastest girl <3 AE Deep Sea, 3yo Thoroughbred mare for Flat Racing on Sand.

    0_1547371080816_Sea Schnee.jpg

  • Deep sea <3 <3 <3

  • Black Dressage Queen. :princess: AE Lemon Pie SMS, 7yo Oldenburg Mare

    0_1547383819008_Lemon Schnee.jpg

  • Big Warmblood Boy :horse: AE Shavalou, 7yo Trakehner Stallion

    0_1547393963684_Lou Schnee.jpg


  • First of my Icelandic-Family <3 Ái frá NDEE, 4yo Icelandic Stallion

    0_1547405089285_Ái Schnee.jpg

  • Favorit Icelandic. <3 Aleiga frá Steinfuru, 6yo Icelandic mare

    0_1547891671689_Aleiga Schnee.jpg

  • I love your photos, they have so much harmony <3 and damn, your Trakehner stallion is a real beauty!

  • Banned

    wow i love these portraits. And in the snow too? perfection :ok_hand:

  • @Gwen-Parker said in Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019):

    I love your photos, they have so much harmony <3 and damn, your Trakehner stallion is a real beauty!

    Thanks, girl <3

    @Molly-Marston said in Auxier Ecurie Scrapbook // My Horses (12.01.2019):

    wow i love these portraits. And in the snow too? perfection :ok_hand:

    The snow is from a background pic from Royal Elegance Stud (link in the first post), but yeah I love it to and thank you <3

  • First of my arabians. <3 Alexsis de Torres, 5yo Syrian Arabian Mare

    0_1547924517913_Alexsis Schnee.jpg

  • wow... this color, this name :heart_eyes:

  • Your edits and your horses are so beautiful!

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