Voler Pegáse - Impressions

  • So many lovely horses! Your baroques are great <3 Btw I've never heard of that Portuguese Sport Horse but sounds pretty interesting :thinking:

  • beautiful pics I like the lightness of the blur in the background

  • Your horses look super cute and your photos always seem so vibrant ❤️

  • Your pictures are always so bright, in a good way! And featuring some beautiful horses doesn't hurt, of course. Phoebe has such a lovely coat and looks so alert in that shot. And Won Vital Code! What a face and coat! I love the details of the sand flying around his hooves too.

  • Thank you so much for the lovely comments from you all <3

  • A hot day is the perfect possibility for a shower. Mustang Mare WSP Hummingbird enjoy it! <3

    0_1567878840977_Birdie duschen.jpg

  • The training for our junior stars begins. <3

    RFE Valerian, Belgian Warmblood (AR Desperado x Indiana S)

    0_1568219899480_Valerian Training.jpg

    VP/Serenity's Undercover, Trakehner Stallion (CHC Union Jack x CHC Olympia)

    0_1568219908117_Undercover Training.jpg

    VP Quentin, German Sport Horse Stallion (foundation x foundatio)

    0_1568219916145_Quentin Training.jpg

    Swanlake's Sancho, German Sport Horse Stallion (Swanlake's Hugo Boss x Swanlake's Florence)

    0_1568219989323_Sancho Training.jpg

  • Ahh look at Valerian being a big smart boy 😍😍

  • Four beautiful boys :slight_smile: I like the name of Sancho, is a very popular name in Spain, as it appears in the "Quijote" haha

  • Yeah my last most was 3 months ago...but now I will be more active on this blog. <3

    Today I start with new unedited confo pics of my horses, so a new try to show you all of my horses in the unedited truth :joy:

    Okay...know I start!

    CDH Multicolor - Holsteiner Stallion - Show Jumping
    0_1576083278335_Color Confo.jpg

    GM Ready to Win - Holsteiner Stallion - Show Jumping
    0_1576083386214_Ready Confo.jpg

    GM Rocky's Magnificent Soul - Holsteiner Stallion - Show Jumping
    0_1576083393458_Sid Confo.jpg

    Hunter von Phoenix - Oldenburg Stallion - Eventing
    0_1576083405958_Hunter Confo.jpg

    L Halcanero - P.R.E Stallion - Dressage
    0_1576083489944_Halco Confo.jpg

    Lunar's Phoebe - Highlandpony Mare - Eventing & Gymkhana @Octavia-Ryland
    0_1576083504133_Phoebe Confo.jpg

    SF9 Leo de Donner - Trakehner Mare - Eventing @Shelby-Ryans
    0_1576083514604_Leo Confo.jpg

    MWS Candy - Oldenburg Mare - Eventing
    0_1576083521248_Candy Confo.jpg

    RF Clockwork Prince - New Forest Pony Stallion - Eventing
    0_1576083540488_Prince Confo.jpg

    RF Tornado - New Forest Pony Stallion - Eventing
    0_1576083546450_Tornado Confo.jpg

    SB Fienchen - German Riding Pony Mare - Dressage
    0_1576083555931_Fienchen Confo.jpg

    Swanlake's Florence - Hanoverian Mare - Dressage
    0_1576083565983_Flora Confo.jpg

    VP Buena Vista - Thoroughbred Mare - Flat Racing
    0_1576083585405_Vista Confo.jpg

    VP Smokin Little Gun - American Paint Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576083593912_Smoke Confo.jpg

    VP Topsail Cody - American Paint Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576083616047_Cody Confo.jpg

    YDA Curioso I - Andalusian Stallion - Dressage @Jessica-Owens
    0_1576083655313_Curioso Confo.jpg

  • Wow, so many beauties!!

  • This year I decided to take part in the Secret Santa for the first time ... and I have to say it was worth it. My gift was well received and I ... I am soooooooo happy about my gift from @Elaine-Rose This beautiful Swedish warmblood mare is called Crimson HX, is four years old and will be compete in Eventing in the future. Here I would also like to thank you @Callixta-Rosella for organizing the Secret Santa. Thanks for that! <3

    0_1576343601974_Crimson Shooting mit Schnee.jpg

  • Next confo pics! <3

    ANH Won Vital Code - American Quarter Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576414704069_Vital Confo.jpg

    Arabella fra Gard - Highlandpony-Mix Mare - TREC/Natural Horsemanship
    0_1576414710640_Bella Confo.jpg

    CHC Olympia - Trakehner Mare - Eventing
    0_1576414722367_Olympia Confo.jpg

    Crimson HX - Swedish Warmblood Mare - Eventing @Elaine-Rose
    0_1576414727597_Crimson Confo.jpg

  • WOW!!! She looks amazing in your game!! And your editing is so beautiful! I can't wait to see more of her! Already two pics?! I'm excited for sure! I can't wait to see what you do with her! I'm glad you enjoyed your first secret santa this year! And don't worry I haven't forgotten about your other gifts! :heart: :wink:

  • Next horse group...who's your favorit? <3

    DBR Lookin Lika Model - American Paint Horse Mare - Western @Chloe-West
    0_1576529257776_Loki Confo.jpg

    D/Z Einsteins Revolution - American Quarter Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576529263436_Einstein Confo.jpg

    D/Z Mademoiselle Lindenberg - KWPN Mare - Show Jumping
    0_1576529267944_Linde Confo.jpg

    D/Z Skip's Hollywood Chex - American Paint Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576529276480_Skip Confo.jpg

    D/Z Zippo Pine Bar - American Paint Horse Stallion - Western
    0_1576529280976_Zippo Confo.jpg

    Engelberg's Million Dollar - Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion - Dressage
    0_1576529287091_Dollar Confo.jpg

    Engelberg's Silver Knight - Welsh Pony Sec. B Stallion - Dressage
    0_1576529292879_Kiko Confo.jpg

    Engelberg's Solaris Buenno - KWPN Stallion - Eventing
    0_1576529297972_Soli Confo.jpg

    Felicitas HE - Swedish Warmblood Mare - Eventing
    0_1576529302421_Felicitas Confo.jpg

    Fortuna HE - Swedish Warmblood Mare - Eventing
    0_1576529307262_Fortuna Confo.jpg

    Grey Gangster HE - Zweibrücker Stallion - Eventing
    0_1576529315643_Grey Confo.jpg

  • My first pic for the 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show ! @Elaine-Rose
    Crimson HX wasn't in the best mod today, she choose the funny way. She thought "Oh there's some green things, can I eat it?"

    "No! Crimson give it back! You can't eat this!"

    (I hope I can post the pic in the thread, actually they say there's an Error I don't have enough privileges for this action. I don't know why, I'm a long member here on EC :c )

    0_1577720655901_Crimson Christmas Halter Show.jpg

  • No Crimson nooo sweety :laughing:
    Btw I also had the same issue in another thread I don’t understand why

  • Next entry for the 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show, now with a other animal with hooves....Liesel HE, our miniatur donkey mare.

    The first show for our little Liesel. She was a little bit shy, but look very interested to the Jury.

    0_1577734188577_Liesel Christmas Halter Show.jpg

  • She is so cute! Look at those enourmous ears :)

  • One of my new horses and he compete in the 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show.
    His name is Nutcracker fra Gard and he's a 8yo Knabstrupper Stallion. <3

    0_1577799403005_Crack Christmas Halter Show.jpg

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