• Hi everyone I made this new APH Dunalino mare for my Western team and now I wonder whats her correct marking? In game the thumpnails says Tobiano but already on Facebook someone mentioned that her "butt-markings" looks more like Appi.... She´s not registered yet, but I would love to register her with the right Genotype so I don´t have to change something later ^^ Thanks already for helping me ^.^

    alt text
    alt text

  • I agree it looks like a pintaloosa

  • so I should register her as a Pintaloosa?

  • I'd register her as a pintaloosa due to the markings by the butt looking more like a appaloosa and not really forming into a tobiano. So Pintaloosa would fit this mare more for her breed.

  • thanks so much for the fast replies ^^ So I will register her as Pintaloosa .

  • I need your Help one more time ^^ What is her genotype than??? I know her genotype for dun (ee/Aa/Crcr/Dd) but what about her patterns? Sorry guys normally I set up all the genotypes of my horses on my own but here Im totally lost -.-

  • She appears to be a Dunalino Tobiano Blanket Appaloosa. I would use either (ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nTo/Lplp/PATN2patn2) or (ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nTo/Lplp/PATN2PATN2,) you could make Lp homozygous, but that leads to night blindness (CSNB). She's very pretty, good luck with her! :D

  • Thanks so much <3

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