Moving horses to new owners?

  • I've made a horse for someone on another forum. They've decided to use it here, and I thought I could create its profile so that it's linked to me as its breeder/creator.
    My question is, how do I go about transferring a horse to the new owner's profile?

    also, since I'm new to making horses' profiles at all, do I need to fill discipline fields on creation, or can it be added later?

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    Hey Robyn, you can transfer a horse by clicking on it's already made profile and selecting the "Edit Horse" option at the top. Select the new owner's name from the dropdown under Transfer Horse and select Send Horse. This is not able to be undone or cancelled so be sure to select the name carefully. Discipline fields can be changed at any time, the only things that cannot be changed at any time are a horse' Gender and Breed.

    A word about our mainsite, though- we cannot track where a horse was created, who bred it or who sent it from what profile, the only way to link a horse back to you is to give it your prefix and be sure the new owner registers it with your Creator ID (the number at the end of the url for your mainsite profile)

  • Thanks! I will remember that :)

  • SH*T! I've just realised I chose wrong gender... Is there a way to delete the profile so I can recreate it...?

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