DPPR February Breeding {OPEN}

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    We've decided to put up some of our more... Obscure horses to stud this season. These horses are all actively competing and at the very least have two titles. The majority are foundations and these foals could be their first. Standard rules apply, you do not need to inform me of resale but I might apply like anyone else - If you go inactive for 4 months I will reclaim the foals and either keep them or resell. You are free to tweak and modify if you don't like things about the foals. They will be sent as yearlings/adults but I will send my private foal template with the horse. Due to my limited time foals won't have custom markings.

    RN Trigger Warning (GER)

    74 Points in Eventing, 15 in Show Jumping

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    'Tumblr' is a stud we purchased from our friend Erica Ackerson, one of our many thoroughbreds that we use to refine our stock. He's a gorgeous dapple-y bay with a lean, tall conformation that we adore. He currently has no foals on the ground, meaning these three slots will be his first foals ever. He's still actively competing and is nearing his first title in SJ and already has two in Eventing.

    9,000 Per Breeding

    SAEC Stunning Evil

    84 Points in Eventing

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    Elijah :heart: What else can we say about him? He's a lovely blood bay Thoroughbred with Birdcatcher spots. He's getting close to 100 points but already has a few foals on the ground, which is why he only has one slot open this season. In the past Elijah has thrown some exceptionally beautiful foals so we've got high hopes this time around for whatever lucky mare snags him!

    12,000 Per Breeding


    64 Points in Eventing

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    A gorgeous Flaxen Chestnut Selle Fran├žais, Samuel is one we haven't really put up for public stud yet! He already has a foal on the ground and is a proven sire (That one has done quite well!) so we're very interested to see what he throws this time around. He is a foundation and has two slots open.

    9,500 Per Breeding

    AR Midnight's Moon

    56 Points in Show Jumping

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    This is a horse we've been a little quiet about! :crescent_moon: Lunar is a black KWPN stallion who is twice titled in Show Jumping, making him the only pure SJ stud available this season. He's a foundation and has one foal on the ground already :)

    10,000 Per Breeding

    Your Name:
    Mare's Name:
    Mare's Breed:
    Mare's Coat Color:
    Mare's Genotype:

    Please reply to this thread, DM me on Slack or chat me on here to apply!

  • Reduced the prices :money_with_wings:

  • Applying for SAEC Stunning Evil

    Your Name: Isaiah Pace
    Mare's Name: MBS Carmina
    Mare's Breed: British Sport Horse
    Mare's Coat Color: Grey (black-based)
    Mare's Genotype: Ee/aa/Gg

  • Accepted! :D

    SAEC Stunning Evil has no more slots left.

  • Tumblr has one slot left and some of the others are still full on slots. :D

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