Piper's Stockie & Australian Warmblood imports! 3/3 OPEN

  • Hello and welcome!

    Welcome to my import service! I will only be opening 3 imports per month as i am quite busy however i do love to make horses for people <3 If 3 imports have already been accepted, you can still apply. Your application will be put to the next month or if i open it again for another few.


    • Do not change the horses coat or template. However i do allow shade & shine to be tweaked as well.
      -Mane & tail style can be changed
    • Stallions may be gelded
    • Breeding is allowed, keep it realistic.
    • They can be used for any discipline.
    • These horses all come with custom white markings (unless a solid) DO NOT use these markings for any other horse/offspring or put them up for public download.
    • I only require 1 update. However i do prefer to see the horse active & getting used.
    • If you sell the horse or no longer want it, it gets returned to me.
    • My stocks are bred for western disciplines. However they are able to take up any English or other discipline.
    • Have fun with the horse!



    • Blind - color will be random chosen by me - price will vary depending on color outcome
    • easy - Chestnut, bay, black /- $5,000
    • Medium - buckskin, palomino, black/bay/red dun. /- $6,000
    • Complex - Grullo, silver dun, grey, cremello, perlino /- $7,000

    Additions #1

    • "greying out" a greying out effect will be added to the chosen coat // +1,500
    • Roaning - roaning marking will be added to chosen coat. // +800


    • Blind - Markings to be chosen by me /- Price determing on outcome
    • leg markings or face // +$500 ($500 or legs, $500 for face)
    • Smooth - Smooth markings eg. tobiano's, minimal splash's, min overo's // +$1,000
    • Rough - Markings with jagged edges eg. Tobiano's, overo's, splash's, tovero's // +$3,000
    • Difficult - Another category for different markings eg. sabino, dominant white // +$4,000

    Additions #2

    • Mapping // +$1,000
    • Story (background of the horse, age) // +$1,000


    leave space blank if you don'y want anything eg. markings: blank
    If you want a specific coat type in the "coat" section like this: "coat: Medium, palomino.
    If you don't want a specific coat or markings just say the type...eg. "coat: Medium".

    Stable Name:
    desired horse breed (Aus warmblood or stock:
    Blog/photo dump link (if have one):
    Coat color:
    additions #1:
    additions #2:
    reference if one:


    Please is you supply a reference, don't put it in as a picture. Put it in as a link. Just to keep the thread neat :3

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  • Name: Aerys Ell
    Stable Name: Cambridge Stud
    desired horse breed (Aus warmblood or stock:
    Blog/photo dump link (if have one): Aus Warmblood
    Coat color: Complex
    additions #1:
    markings: Smooth
    additions #2:
    reference if one:

  • @Maci-Collins @Aerys-Ell both accepted! I just updated some stuff that is written above the "application" section. Please read that and update your applications :3

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Name: Percilla
    Stable Name: PHR Farms
    desired horse breed (Aus warmblood or stock: Stock
    Blog/photo dump link (if have one):
    Coat color: Palomino
    additions #1:
    markings: Rough, Overo
    additions #2:
    reference if one:

  • will be working on these soon <3 i just need to catch up quickly on some things then i'm off making you all these beauties! Please make sure you have the correct amount of money in your bank. You will send the money after the horse has been made and i have showed you it :)

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  • I would like to cancel my request, I am sorry :(

  • will hopefully have these done in a week! Iv'e had a lot of things come up suddenly so i'm hoping to fit in time in between my plans to work on them :D

  • Working on these right now!! Sorry it's taken so long D:

  • Is this still open?

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