Piper's Stockie & Warmblood imports! { CLOSED - WORKING }

  • Is this still open?

  • Now open!

  • Hey guys! I just had to quickly add a few more questions in the application so please re-sign up if you did.

    My warmbloods all have the same template expect for my knabstruppers. So when you get the horse you can make it whatever kind of WB you want.

  • working on these this weekend! <3

  • nearly done the first round <3 just a little FYI, you guys are welcome to request several imports. However your order for your 2nd, 3rd...so on import will get bumped down the list so i can get people who have not gotten one yet out for them <3

  • 0_1579015734165_FotoJet (2).jpg

    First lot of imports done!

    First one is Darley's Midnight serenade a beautiful black leopard knabstrupper stallion for the amazing @Toni-Lamberti ! Hope he is what you where after :)

    2nd is Darley's Primrose Lova. A very pretty buckskin blanket knabstrupper mare for @Billie-Sparrow ! Hope she is what you wanted :) tried my best with the pic ref

    3rd is WSP Huntin' For An Angel. A sooty buckskin min overo APH mare for @Anastasia-Ryan !

    close ups!

    Please send over payment to receive your horse :)

  • Competition Committee

    He’s perfect. Thank you! 🥰

  • Do you make custom markings? :)

  • @Regina-Walker all my imports come with custom white / roaning markings if they have them :)

  • Awesome! I will apply then! :D

  • 4 beautiful arabian imports made for a very close friend of mine! @Marc-Sanders

    all have custom white markings. For my first ever proper arabians i'm very happy with the coats.

    I do not make arabians in this import service. These were ordered via pm. Just thought i'd post them here still as more examples :)


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