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  • @Chloe-West the only time I can ever get pink to look good is on a nice bright grey :kissing_heart:
    @Rena-Cort Thank you so much! I haven't really done much vertical pictures as I struggle so much trying to get them to look right? I always find their is too much room at the top or bottom, or its too narrow.
    @Samantha-Jadirea @Ian-Salvatore @Alexander-Westerberg @Luna-Smit @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you all so much!
    @Aurora-Bianchi My sims are the typical grumpy british horse people - horses have to be bay, grey, black or chestnut, and bright colours are NOT ALLOWED :laughing:


    This isn't the most cohesive of updates, but the start of winter has been a very busy time for me with a lot of stress, change and health issues that have, quite frankly, made me delighted to have the year finally behind me. I have a lot of things planned for this year - some are actually exciting - and I'm pretty keen to get started with it all.. but until then, have a collection of screenshots I've taken over the past two month.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Tirion @Iris-Hammel

    alt text
    Red @Catriona-O-connolly A saddlebred in Scotland in the snow? Brrr :snowflake:

    alt text
    Witch Hazel (I hate this name, any better suggestions?) @Sorren-Greyer

    alt text
    Cobbles @Me. Prancer @Elaine-Rose

    alt text
    Prancer @Elaine-Rose. A scarily realistic looking horse :star2:


    alt text
    alt text
    Cinnabar's Ghostwriter @Danielle-Maddox

    alt text
    Montezuma @Elaine-Rose

    alt text
    Ham (Bellinge's Backgammon) @Alexander-Westerberg

  • There's the other Montezuma! He's definitely a lot fancier looking than mine :heart_eyes:

    I'm amazed by your photos as always, your horses look so soft and lifelike and the winter scenery is so gorgeous omg everything is so lively!!

    and all those confo shots :sob: breath taking

  • I love how you take your photos, you always capture the right moment! Your arena is stunning btw also I adore Hex, Cobbles is looking cute and snowy in he's grey glory <3

  • Development Committee

    Ugh, your pictures are to die for. I wish I was as artistic as you, you always have such great quality on your pictures.. Like, how?!
    There's so many pretty and unique pons here, they all look lovely. If I'd had to pick my favourites it would definitely be Hex, Ghostwriter, Montezuma, and Cobbles. Oh god, Cobbles is just adorable. I love him.

  • I love this so much. Your photos are stunning :drooling_face: and the horses :heartpulse:

  • Oh the little roan thing with the kid, so cute! And the Grey/Chestnut, gosh :heart_eyes:

  • i forgot to post this, the gradual greying out of one Rothesay Bay, a.k.a Cobbles, Cobhar, Collywobbles.

    alt text

  • @Eowyn-Vance I love the fact you actually grey out your horses! I really love his shade in 2019 that is really pretty! I also love his shade now too :sparkling_heart:

  • PR Committee

    Love seeing so much color for a member being aptly named "the bay queen." I think your two from Catriona are my favorite. You can always pick her imports out because they have such character and flare to them! I also love that Ghost is getting some love! His spooky self deserves to be shown in a fancy halter show! Over sized pony and all!

  • Cobbles' greying out sequence is brilliant! It's great to see someone give so much attention to how their horse changes over such a long time :)

  • Oh gooood prancer <3

  • Take me for a ride around your properties, I beg you!! I'll even bring an extra big trailer so I can stuff all your horses in there and take them with me <3

  • Development Committee

    Why do you do this to me? Now I have to comment again and you make me look like a really silly fangirl, that is so unfair. :sob:
    Cobbles has always been and still is, absolutely adorable. I just love horses that have been around for ages, there's so much personality and history in them :sparkles:


    @Marquis-Moulin He's a very fancy lad indeed, the type that likes to travel in no less than two rugs, a full set of travel boots, a nice sheepskin headcollar and probably a silly horse balaclava because hes :crown: special - and you bet its all colour matching.

    @Amara-Agne Thank you! its a rather boring looking arena, but I wanted to focus to be the horse so I guess it works. I think Mr.Hex is everyones favourite horse :laughing: I do enjoy greying out my horses, but i'm always a bit afraid to so drastically change someone elses work..but cobbles is all my own creation, so i can be as wild as I want when greying him muahaha :heart:

    @Diana-Sæterbakken a little secret called line smoothing by reshade :sunglasses: otherwise idk, their are 10 bad screenshots for every 1 nice one. A part of me thinks its quite funny that everyones favourite horses are not the bays .

    @Aurora-Bianchi That would be Tirion, the fanciest little welsh pony finally with an actual child rider instead of me squashing an adult sim onto him :grimacing: thank you!

    @Danielle-Maddox Now there is a highly contested title :kissing_heart: You know, I didn't realise until now that this update featured only TWO bay horses!? I better make up for it with a full bay update next. I absolutely adore my horses from Catriona so, so much, its just an awful shame that out of all the gorgeous ones she posted in her import thread I've seen so few of them??? all the more reason to throw mines in everyones faces. Ghost is just such an oddball that I keep finding myself taking pictures of him, this definitely isn't the last you'll be seeing of him.

    @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! He has a whole backstory and history and ugh I just love him? He's boarded at a friends barn for training, attending another friends jumping clinic, entered so many random challenges.. I've done so much with him and yet in terms of equus so little; he's a gelding, foundation, no titles and I believe hes registered in field hunting of all things :laughing:

    @Ian-Salvatore thank you! <3

    @Iris-Hammel So you can try and convert all my horses to Dressage? :kissing_heart: none of that heathenism around here now. Your sims are always welcome in my weird, dirty and always kinda damp little yard, they can even come meet Ghostwriter.

  • Wow I love to see grey evolution :heart_eyes:

  • S t u n n i n g B a b e s!

  • EOWYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN * screaming * Seriously do not even know what to say about this update my jaw literally dropped. I will try my best to articulate this lol

    Cobbles is adorable and I loved seeing him grey out over the years. I love my dark grey coats so much I never grey them out which is not realistic at all but I admire it tremendously that you take the time to do so.

    Red is ridulously cute in his little blankie. What a picturesque snow scene you have in the background.

    Prancer is a real horse. Is he a real horse? Did you photoshop a photograph in there? No but seriously the jealousy I have for this horse is like 100000000.

    Montezuma = Adorbz

    Ham is so unique I had to look twice

    I am forever beyond excited to see picture dumps from you...now I have to get around to my own because I have pics of Winterjasmin, Sonate, Comtesse, and Lyon all waiting in the queue that I need to post. <3 Thank you for the lovely update!

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