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  • (a mess of an update, with absolutely no coherency or direction. basically a collection of slack uploads)


    The meadow scented month of July came and went with little fanfare or effort. It was not the months that were memorable but the days, those brief sun-soaked weekends of soaring temperatures and glad spirits that stood out like tiny pinpricks of light. Outwardly, very little had moved, the great changes and accomplishments of the business fallen victim to the summer lethargy. Internally, the smallest of parts had begun to gradually fall into place.

    (also known as, eowyn tries reshade blurring and resents it)

    alt text
    Danzig ET winning his class in a last ditch attempt at being active on ES.
    alt text
    Nutkin, probably 80 years old and still jumping more than his height.

    alt text
    alt text
    Espirt Tordu CX demonstrating his full time discipline; being extra photogenic.

    alt text
    Quizzical LX - the sensible gentleman taking part in some no-stirrup work.

    alt text
    alt text
    Nordique LX & EYEC Wellmet (Wellment?) in some failed beachy challenge pics.

    alt text
    and the gorgeous horse himself - EYEC Wellmet.

  • Eowyn I love you and all these pics ofc, I need more picture spams on the daily :angel:

  • Loving these updates! So many stunning horses. Can definitely relate to having horses around 80 years old and still competing :joy:

  • Beautiful pictures Eowyn :) I really love that first show jumping picture with all the colours and creative angle. Nutkin is so cute! I love his gorgeous little face concentrating so hard.

  • Lovely photos! <3 I love that photo of Nutkin, pony pictures are just a real treat haha! and the photos of Wellmet look so nice, that beach photo especially! (not gonna lie, kinda forgot what his name was too-)

  • Nutkin is the best period. I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him around and be like "look what I have here, how cute is that!" at everyone :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    I always admire the angles you choose for pictures and how interesting they always look. And I just spotted Nessie in there :two_hearts: I'm sure she had fun roaming on the beach and actually getting love; thank you for leasing her :kissing:

  • Those are some stunners right there! I love the lighting it’s so soft and realistic it really ads the right atmosphere to the pics! :heart:

  • Two Lowmax horses in one update? You poor thing. My sincerest condolences.

    (My bad humour aside, it's truly lovely to see them frolicking in another game <3 )

    Nutkin is a community icon; Wellmet and Dave are total spunks (I particularly appreciate the long hair on Dave's fetlocks :ok_hand: ) Additionally, I cannot recall whether I actually told you or was too shy to do so but I completely fell in love with that photograph of Tamarisk. Such a beautiful animal, and the whole image has this soft summer idyll quality to it. Lovely. :cloud: :sunflower:

  • @Elaine-Rose trust me you'll regret saying that, i have a lot of pure nonsense that never sees the light of day :laughing:
    @Neeve-Kalford Thank you! I get too attached so they just sort of linger around in the background until i look at them in my sheets and they are like 30 years old somehow
    @Samantha-Jadirea thanks! Nutkin is definitely a professional athlete - if he was a couple of hands taller he'd be on the longines tour every year :information_desk_person:
    @Alexander-Westerberg basically sums up me. He's so adorable I just like throwing him at people like Look at him! look at how CUTE he is!
    @Callixta-Rosella I'll genuinely miss not having her around, she didn't make it to my scrapbook often but damn do I have a TONNE of pics of her in my screenshots folder :blush:
    @Ariadne-Waters They are precious and special and I love them all and i'd rather delete my account than see any of them uh.. never seen? also i know what you mean, risky's picture just screams light summer days with a gentle breeze and little white clouds just sailing by..ugh.


    Ham Bellinge's Backgammon was a client from down souths horse; one of those faceless corporate 'owners' who dealt in the art of buying, selling and not much inbetween. He was Holstein by breed, Danish by nationality and to Eowyn a universal cash cow just waiting to be milked - even if his name perpetually reminded her of a joint of Wiltshire cured. He'd been pompously presented and arrived with all the bells and whistles, a leather headcollar and rugs for all seasons and not one of them with a rip, tear or loop of baler twine in sight. She felt the slightest sliver of shame, pointedly ignoring the ponies standing up to their knees in mud or the stretch of frayed rope that held Wafer Thin's Backgammons stable door closed.

    alt text

  • Gorgeous :drooling_face: Those markings are so special :heart:

  • Eowyn what the... is this the same horse but like inverted? Omg I love this horse so much! And the edit is just stunning!! btw i love nonsense lol

  • Development Committee

    I've always secretly admired your horses; they are just so unique and special. I'd love to have your skills!

  • GahHH! I love it! Your graphics and coat mod and the gray skies and everything just compliments him. so. much.
    You better give those poor muddy ponies a bath tho.

  • I love ypur blog, Eowyn! And I NEED to see more of Backgammon!! Those markings!! <3

  • Wow Backgammon is seriously jaw dropping, I don't know if I have ever seen such a cool and unique horse! Your editing is STUNNING, as always <3

  • Thank you so much for the lovely comments guys!
    @Elaine-Rose no! this is an entirely different horse just somehow also a somatic bay?grey? :laughing: guess i now have two. I'll probably take the somatic marking off the one I made and just turn it into a regular boring bay :sunglasses:


    red leaves, dappled moonlight and pale grey horse... also known as; experimenting with reshade. pretty much unedited beyond cropping and fixing lighting, featuring the lovely lovely Montserat? Montezuma? Monterey Jack? MONTY made by @Elaine-Rose

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    and a bonus picture that doesn't fit with the rest, but lets pretend he escapes at night and frolics with the fairies til dawn

    alt text

  • This is magical!

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