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  • Gorgeous pictures and stunning horses <3 Sorry to hear about the mean comments tho that really sucks, Don't let them stop you from being awesome!

  • It's a shame that there are mean people in this community that is supposed to be welcoming :thumbsdown_tone3: Also, you have a bunch of pretty horses there but Hex...no words :heart_exclamation:

  • I cant say anything except WOW!
    Teach me...how do ur pictures always look so stunning with minimalistic editing and backgrounds? Like..HOW?

  • Montezuma HX & Marabou HX <3 <3 <3

  • I've been so busy w school and work that I also haven't been active enough on Equus like I would like too :( But dude who is being mean to YOU of all people because I will literally throw some hands in the name of Eowyn. I have admired you since like 2013 or whatever when you had those soft Arabians and fun solar flares everywhere and I am still in awe of everything you create. I'm so sorry you haven't felt welcome here anymore, I hope it doesn't discourage you from doing what you want to do. :heart:

    Anyways, I'm going to take Hex and be on my way. Why is he so soft looking. Why is his bum so cute and dappley. I would die for all of them, but specifically Hex. That is all. :two_hearts: :heartpulse: :heart_exclamation:

  • Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time around the community, you have always been and will continue to be one of my favorite members, you are incredibly kind and generous not to mention insanely talented! I get so excited when I see updates in your scrapbook I actually clap my hands together. Screw everybody who is negative and can't see that you are amazing and one of the best and oldest members around.

    Ghostwriter is so cute, like a lighter build version of Sonate! Also Hex is like...RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous and if ever missing there is no way that he would ever be at the WEC...no way :stuck_out_tongue:

    Also your editing is incredible...as usual <3

  • @Irene-Duarte Thank you! I'm really surprised it turned out so well, it's definitely two good pictures out of about 30 failed ones :laughing: ah I don't know either, i'll never understand it :weary:
    @Regina-Walker I can understand that yeah, and I really wish that that was the extent of my problems here :laughing: I used to be kinda similar, but I think when selling horses you have to sort of accept that it's out of your control and rules aren't enforced, so you have to try and find the 'good eggs' who do respect your rules and sell to them? or just accept that people will sell your horses on without asking you - I know I like for people to let me know if they are selling one of my horses, but a lot of people don't so I think it's easier just to accept that thats happened and move on from it, it never does anyone or the community any good to dwell on these things. You could always try selling your horses through an application process?
    @Borja-Domecq Thank you so much! Calgary was retired back in 2017, I don't know why I even still have him in game :laughing: I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying taking pictures of my pixel ponies, but I don't think I really want to do much more than that anymore :angel:
    @Shelby-Ryans Human sacrifice. Nah, I spend a stupid amount of time trying to find interesting backgrounds, and these pictures aren't edited other than added reins I think. I always try to keep everything as simple as possible, and take so many pictures of the same thing just different angles.
    @Clementine-Laake Don't you dare bring up the 'arabians' and the sun flares omg, don't let people know i've been into anything other than boring bay warmbloods :laughing: It's pretty hard to not be discouraged, but I've got my cute horses and the people I care about, and I think i'm just going to keep to my little old self from now on.
    @Michelle-Frohman Stop being so nice omg :cry: I just wish everyone could just..idk.. realise that this a make believe game about pixel ponies and at the end of the day all of it is meaningless in the real world, so their is no need for all this hatred and drama over nothing .
    Also everyone loves Hex, guess I'll have to dig out more pictures of him for you :kissing_heart:

  • WAAHH HOW COULD A MISS ALL THIIIIIIS ( punches myself in the face ) I can't even process all this goodness :sob:

  • Your horses are so elegant! I love all the pictures, they are gorgeous. Each one has such a lovely angle and colour, even the plain ones.

    I love ghostwriter, he's so elegant. And Marabou is just gorgeous!


    The yard operated a tight little livery contract with the usual legal jargon and yard rules - passports must be kept in the office, clean up after yourself, stop stealing other peoples girths because your horse is too fat Karen . Like with every livery their were the few unwritten, unspoken rules that were just as if not more important than those hastily glossed over and signed at the beginning. At Windchase their were three;

    1. Don't touch Cobhar, don't look at him, don't breathe near him, don't even dare think about him.
    2. 'Foreign' breeds from outside the EU are subject to heavy, unceasing criticism and curiosity.
    3. Any tack brighter than a nice earthy orange is illegal and punishable by death.

    Summer, a new arrival with her loan RME Remix, hadn't quite figured that one out yet.

  • I live for that pink. Love the fact it matches his nose <3

  • Competition Committee

    Holy hell, the entire composition of this is gorgeous :sparkles:

  • Beautiful <3

  • Ohhh beautiful love this ambiance..

  • Why so flawless and gorgeous:cry:

  • Pretty in pink:heart_eyes:

  • So smooth :heart_eyes:

  • I have to admit those rules are good. I think we'll have to put a little sticky note next to our bad stallion with the same rules as Cobhar

  • @Chloe-West the only time I can ever get pink to look good is on a nice bright grey :kissing_heart:
    @Rena-Cort Thank you so much! I haven't really done much vertical pictures as I struggle so much trying to get them to look right? I always find their is too much room at the top or bottom, or its too narrow.
    @Samantha-Jadirea @Ian-Salvatore @Alexander-Westerberg @Luna-Smit @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you all so much!
    @Aurora-Bianchi My sims are the typical grumpy british horse people - horses have to be bay, grey, black or chestnut, and bright colours are NOT ALLOWED :laughing:

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