[Ended] Random Warmblood Auction

  • PR Committee

    Welcome to this auction of foundation Warmbloods. Please take a moment to read over the few rules, and feel free to place a bid.


    • These horses are all foundations, but you are welcome to find parents for them and register them as offspring
    • They all use the same unique template I created just for these, as a generic type Warmblood. It is up to you to decide exactly what Warmblood breed you would like them to be
    • You are welcome to add and replace any extra white markings
    • It is up to the new owner to choose a name for the horse. They must carry no prefix, or your own. You can put my creator ID #5604 in the registry form but please do not use any of my prefixes
    • You can sell, give away, use the horse however you want. Once you own it, its completely yours. I will not reclaim these, they were made purely out of boredom and I don't need any new horses right now.


    alt text
    CAP * CAP * CAP
    Black Warmblood mare, has only a white blaze. Intended discipline is dressage but could be used for anything.
    alt text
    CAP * CAP * CAP
    Grey Warmblood mare, has no face marking but 4 pasterns. Intended for show-jumping discipline but can be used for anything. Would make a suitable broodmare also.
    alt text SOLD VIA AUTOBUY
    CAP * CAP * CAP
    Flaxen chestnut sabino, the only stallion in this auction. He's a flashy and fancy sort of horse, would like to see him used for competing but would make a good stud.
    alt text
    CAP * CAP * CAP
    Buckskin roan mare, only white marking is facial marking. She has a nice solid temperament but is quite nervous, definitely needs a confident owner.

    All pictures are completely unedited, in-game photos have blur taken with reshade, but no lighting adjustments. All photos are only cropped and resized.

    Starting bid for each horse is $5000. Bid increases by $500 min, no max. Autobuy is available if the horse has no bids, message me here or on Slack with an offer if you want to autobuy :)

  • Development Committee

    Lot Three - SB

  • Lot One, SB

  • PR Committee

    @Fiora-Healy I'm so sorry, lot three was actually autobought this morning but my internet cut out so I couldn't update the thread. I'm really sorry <3

    @Kia-Williams - accepted

  • Lot four - SB

  • Development Committee

    @Callixta-Rosella said in [Ends 2/25] Random Warmblood Auction:

    @Fiora-Healy I'm so sorry, lot three was actually autobought this morning but my internet cut out so I couldn't update the thread. I'm really sorry <3

    No worries! :heart: I'm glad he has found a good home. :blush:

  • Lot four 6k

  • Lot 4 - $6.5k

  • PR Committee

    Both accepted ^

  • PR Committee

    Auction will end in 6 hours

  • Breed Committee

    lot 1 - $5,500 <3

  • Lot 1 6,000

  • Lot 4 - 7K
    She's so gorgeous ♡

  • Breed Committee

    Lot 1 $6,500

  • PR Committee

    Auction has ended, winners please send the payment on the main site and PM me with your email addresses.

    Lot One - goes to @Rebecca-Wall for $6500
    Lot Four - goes to @Levi-Rosenthal for $7000

  • Great ! I'm sending you that.
    Thanks for this sale ;)

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