Ivans fairy imports [OPEN]

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    Hii and welcome to my import service! ♥

    • U can sell the horse
    • U can change the coat up as long as it is only small things
    • U can change the template
    • U are not allowed to upload the coat somewhere or claim it as urs

    One horse pro person

    Examples u can see HERE

    I won't do every import! I'll write accepted under this post or messsage u why I won't do the horse.

    Blind Import: 10.000
    Blind Import with custom markings 13.000
    Import with custom markings: 15.000
    Import without custom markings: 12.000

    Fill this out:
    Ur name:
    Import (x) / Blind Import (x) / Import (x) / Blind import (x)
    Pictures: l i n k s

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    Your 'examples' link goes nowhere, fyi :)

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