Open vs Verified Registration?

  • I have a mare whose registration was denied because her she has a pattern that was missed when the information was moved the new master breed list. I’ve already left a comment on the thread to let staff know the pattern is missing on the new sheet, but I know they’re busy and it could be a while before the new sheet is updated. I’d like to start competing with her, so I was thinking I might just register her under open registration. I usually only use horses with coats realistic for their breeds though, so I’m not sure if open registration has any ramifications on a horse beyond its initial registration. Would I be able to register her under open registration and then register any future foals under verified once the sheet is updated? Or would I be better off waiting to register her?

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    It has no ramifications beyond what she would be considered, verified simply means that specific horse is a realistic color while open is for any coloring. She could still have a foal that could get verified registered and she won't get any deductions for being open registered! It's up to you if you'd like to wait but there is no damage from just doing open registration.

  • @Blake-Bellanaris great, thank you!

  • Wait, i just came across this, are you saying that it basicly not really matter if i make a horse with a color that cant be vertified for its breed, i can still register the horse? And legally use it for breeding and so on?..

    So like, making a pure chestnut freisan with appaloosa patterns and then I can still register it and use it for breeding?
    It is not because I want to do that, but just, is it actually possible and okay to do?

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    Yes, you would just do the open color registration, previously called unrealistic registration. If bred, that horse could still create a verified (realistic colors) as long as that foal was a realistic color, or of course create another open registered horse. We just encourage members to create realistic horses, but still want you to play as you want, the big caveat to open registration is just that you cannot claim them for as many points for achievements.

  • Oh, so... open registrations with realistic colors dont count in the achievements as a realistic color? I know that the genetics of my horses are all realistic colors, but i thought that i needed to wait with the vertified, so i took the open registrationxD

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    @Thea-Radmer If your horse qualifies for Verified registration, they are automatically changed to Verified registration when you submit them, no matter what option you selected :)

  • @Nikki-Calvaria Okay, were do i see if it is a vertified or open registration?

  • @Thea-Radmer I think the MBL would have that

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