[CLOSED ATM] Random Simimports [Slots Taken: 2/2]

  • R A N D O M
    S I M I M P O R T S

    Finally after all these years, our beloved sims have a true meaning on Equus. And with that I am now able to create as many sims as you guys want me to (and I have the time). Because I already have my staff and I am in no need of more sims but love to create them, I thought a little simimport is a great opportunity to give me the joy and pleasure of creating sims and you a (hopefully) beautiful new addition to your team.
    How does it work?
    Well obvisiously you have to tell me what you want. I don't use and will not use any reference pictures as I love my power of freedom and being creative about sim making. Of course you can tell me what hair color you prefer, what gender, what bodytype, pale skin, dark skin, but, boobs, muscles, you name it. I will not make ridicously slim or musclar sims, however. Keep your preferences realistic to some degree.
    How expensive it this service?
    I take 8.000$ per import.
    Can we ask for an update for one of our sims?
    Sure. Keep in mind though that the update might be massive but I will try to keep the outcome as close to the original as possible. I will just spice them up, making them shiny and fancy looking. Please provide me with good ingame pictures of the sim you want to update and, if possible, their file. Please send them my way over Slack.
    My sim doesn't look like the one in the picture. What shall I do?
    That's pretty normal when you don't have the CC installed that I used on the sim. There are two things you could do: You can download my slider folder and my make up folder that also includes all the skins (this is recommended). But bear in mind that they both are huge and if your game is laggy as it is right now it might lag even more. Or you can change the things you don't like about the sim in your game and personalize it with what you have. I will not send my hair and clothes folder because these are even bigger than my slider/make up folder.
    How long does it take for you to finish my sim?
    It depends. Usually about a week, sometimes faster. But usually about a week. I will inform you if I need longer.
    All slots are full, can I reserve a slot?
    I don't feel confident enough to remember each and everyone who reserves a slot, so this is not an option unfortunately. So you have to stalk the thread if it re-opens. Just check back after a week and you sure will get a spot.
    Your service is closed. Will it open again?
    Might be. Might not be. I will inform you.
    Please do not re-upload the sim, take it as a base for one of your own sims or take credit for it. You don't need to go around and tell everyone that the sim was made by me however. Just don't take credit for someone else's work aka me. Thank you.

    Slots Taken [2/2]

    Please do not send in more requests! This is currently closed until I finished them. Marc is on a waiting list as he and Blake send them in a few seconds apart.

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    Mahalia, nicknamed Lia, Boo or Sleepy (because she usually sleeps in) with brazilian roots, is a chaotic young woman that loves to travel the world and have a sightseeing at whereever places she visits. Is it due to her curious nature that she sticks her nose in everybody's business, always asking to help out or lend an open hand, so she really doesn't have any bad intentions, she just seems to don't know much about personal space. Lucky for her Mahalia is a nice woman to hang around with and nobody can't be angry with her for too long because she tries anything in her power to cheer up the people around her. Lia knows alot about the nightlife in any town and she makes friends easily or at least get to know a lot of people in a short amount of time. Much to her regret it seems that whereever she goes, she leaves a mess. In the office? She sure spills the coffee over important paper work. In the tackroom? Well, be ready to have a broom somewhere because she will need it. Ready to go on a flight to the next show? She will remember that she hasn't took her camera with her and will not stop to mourn about it until the whole crew is driving back to the facility for her to grab it because she hates nothing more than not to be able to take photos of anything interesting. And a lot of her pictures are cars. Expensive cars. No matter if a Porsche, a Ferrari, a BMW sportscar or an Audi will come her way, in a split second she is able to take a picture of it.
    alt text

  • She's amazingly kooky enough for my eclectic personality collection. Thank you so much!

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    Born in Denmark, Isabella, nicknamded Bell or Isa learned how to ride when she was 4 years old on her grandparent's farm. Even though she is not seen much outside of her held dear flat, she enjoys being around horses and taking them out for a ride whenever her studies let her do so. She has a great love for books and reading and practically anything that involves words and writing. This is also part of the reason why she studies Literature and Biology. Both combine her love for nature, unsolved puzzles and we all know - A lot to read. Bell doesn't talk much but when asked something she usally knows the answer to the question or she will look it up on her phone to come back to it later. Even though Bell stays quiet for most of the time and is a really shy person, you will know instantly if she has fallen in love with someone or even if she just has a slight crush on somebody. Her cheeks will give it away and she tends to act a lot more weird around her secret crush, making sure the person feels good in her company by treating them with coffee, tea, choclate, whatever the person likes even if it wasn't asked of her to bring treats along with her to share. She will just do it while trying to avoid eye contact or talking much because highly intellegent and smart, she is lost for words around the person she secretly admires.
    alt text

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