[OPEN // WIP] Rosewood Performance Horses & Arcadia Park 2019

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    2019 Breeding Season
    BIY and Traditional Breedings Available


    • Owners who own a horse from me, be it an import, sale, or breeding, and DO NOT have the horse or horses in question registered will not be considered for breedings. Exceptions will be made if you have owned the horse for less than two weeks.
    • Traditional breedings must retain the given prefix or suffix. If you chose to breed the foal, adding our prefix to your own is completely optional.
    • Horses should be registered within two weeks, and be registered with my creator ID (9711). After this point, I do not have activity rules. However, be aware that more active owners will be favored over inactive ones in the future. I do ask that if you decide to leave Equus, the horse is returned to us. If you choose to sell a traditional breeding, please consider contacting me first as I will likely want to buy the horse back.
    • Files will not be sent should you chose a BIY breeding.
    • Payment must be sent in full before the foal is created. It will not be accepted until the breeding has been approved (BIY) or until I have completed the breeding (traditional).
    • Coat colors and genders will be randomized in the event of a traditional breeding. If there is something you absolutely do not want, let me know, but this is limited to one thing (i.e no greys or no stallions).
    • For a traditional breeding, I request a full body side on conformation shot of the mare. If you are comfortable sending the file, I appreciate it, but again this is not necessary.

    Pricing Guide:
    Base Fee $5,000
    Traditional Breeding: +$5,000
    Main Site Profile: $+2,000
    Titles +$2,000 per title
    Prices are subject to change, or differ based on factors such as desirability.

    Please see below for our selection of stallions!

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    Rennington Isle
    foundation chestnut friesian stallion
    dressage +5 • eventing +1 • halter +0
    actively competing in eventing & halter
    $17,000 biy // $22,000 traditional

    Renn is a 21-year-old chestnut (ee aa) Friesian stallion who is as talented as he is gorgeous. Having competed in Grand Prix level dressage up until receiving his international title, Renn now competes in Eventing and Halter as he nears the end of his showing career. He has only been retired from Dressage for a short time, but has already achieved his first title in Eventing and is nearing his first title in Halter. We recommend Renn as a sire for future Dressage mounts, of course, but with his new disciplines he will surely produce excellent all-around competitors. Renn is open to all mares, provided they are registered on Equus Community.

    TMS Black Ice
    foundation black friesian stallion
    dressage +4
    actively competing in dressage
    $8,000 biy // $13,000 traditional

    Another wonderful Friesian stallion, Icee is 12.5-years-old and well on his way to his international champion title! He's a great choice for anyone wanting a stud who is more of a traditional example of the breed. Upon reaching his final dressage title, Icee will be moving to Halter and Liberty since he's still in excellent shape and we'd love to show him off some more! Icee is open to all mares, provided they are registered with Equus Community.

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