Where did the Inspiration Go?

  • Hey guys, if you were wondering, I am still around my game is safe and all that.
    I just have lost inspiration, not for horses not at all, but I have been feeling uninspired. My game has been feeling like a chore lately, instead of fun like it should.

    Not sure how to bring my inspiration back right now, but I guess what it is, is I'm sick of my game being so buggy. I've been playing games like Red Dead, The Witcher III, Dragon Age Inquisition, and even games as simple as Horse Reality with great delight.

    But I jump on my sims game, and I just feel frustrated, I don't like how my graphics are looking, no story ideas but I will always love making horses. But for now I think I need an official break, if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear how you made sims fun again!
    Love you guys,

  • I was getting burned out and discouraged from my lack of editing skills. I ended up slipping, and I took a year and a half off. I recently downsized. I had 2 facilities, and both English and Western disciplines. I sold my second facility, and all horses that were not stockies. I felt better, and less overwhelmed.

    My suggestion is not to compare your game style with to others. There are mods to change how your graphics look like, and they aren't too big either.

    I still don't have a story idea, so I really can't help you. But I have thought of using a story generator to see what ideas I could come up with.

    If you think a break is what you need, then take whatever time you need. We'll still be here <3

  • I guess we have to start over once again, maybe go through our mods and CC, throw some old... junk out and... explore! I found out that I didn't bother to really discover the game too much, so now I am planning to do all the tombs in all the countries and use the content from the datadisk I have. Also despite my love to our old horses (and oh my we had soooo many) maybe it's better to kinda slim down and play it small.

    I hope I will see you around, Katara is sending best regards!

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