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  • It makes me so happy to see that you are making a return (whatever return that is)!! :heart: lovely to see your unique horses once again and looking forward to seeing what else you have to show us! ^^

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    Oh my goodness! I didn't think we would ever see you again! I'm so glad to see you posting/returning. I think the community (myself included) has missed you. Hope to see you around some more! :heart:

  • Welcome back!

  • Welcome back! Take your time and do what you want. :D

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    Glad to see you back! :D <3

  • Welcome back :) I'm glad that you're considering going back to the forum!

  • Welcome back! :D

  • Welcome back! :)

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    Welcome back!! <3

  • welcome back! i always admired your work :heart:

  • Not sure if you remember me but you helped me out on here when I first joined! So glad to have you back, hope you are well at the moment :smiley_cat:

  • So happy to see you're back here :)

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  • Ohhh I'm so so happy to see you back! Your horses have influenced so many lines of so many different breeds and your cc creations have made so many members happy! :heart: Take all the time you need and figure out how active you want to become, but I think I can speak for the whole community when I say we will always be glad to have you back :two_hearts:

  • I am so glad that despite having so much difficulties you decided to post here and no matter what you might think in the near future about this, I am so grateful and happy you did it! <3

  • Yes! Welcome back, can‘t wait to see your updates

  • Glad you decided to come back, even if it may only be once in awhile!

  • Thank you everyone for the replies. I got this update done sooner than expected. In it you can see all 16 of the horses and their riders. I won’t bother pointing out which horse is which because I hope to do an update focused on each horse individually. But, of course, since I gathered these pictures I added more horses and riders (still trying to keep my numbers low, however). Oh well. I’ll figure out how to incorporate them later.


    alt text

    Amanda & Alastair Schrödinger

    It was a rocky start for these two siblings when Alastair showed up at MSE after years of no contact…and Alastair did not make it easy for Amanda either. The years proved to soften them; it helped that Alastair became more interested in equine life. He eventually took several horses under his care, albeit typically the less competitive sports. Amanda meanwhile has focused on retraining a racehorse and refining a halter horse for the competitive English disciplines.

    Owns: MSE Cult of Personality [German Sporthorse] (Alastair), FAA Dragging Chains [Missouri Fox Trotter] (Alastair), MSE Self-Fulfilling Prophecy [Iranian Turkomen] (Amanda), MSE One Way Ticket to the Dark Side [Akhal-Teke] (Amanda)

    Rides: Fae's Jorōgumo in secondary discipline (Alastair)

    alt text

    alt text

    Samuel Malkira

    Samuel has always been a bit of an enigma around MSE and the years have not changed that. He’s the establishment’s mysterious benefactor and that is the extent that is known. Speculation suggests he was once a great competitive rider but neither has an explanation for his interest in MSE been offered nor uncovered.

    Owns: MSE Litany of the Dead [Akhal-Teke], MSE Broken Bones [Orlov Trotter], MSE Spoiler Alert [Akhal-Teke x Marwari]

    alt text

    alt text

    Alicia Ombre

    Once one of MSE’s top show jumping riders, Alicia wanted a change of pace. Quite literally. She took up endurance with Fae's Jorōgumo and secondary focus of show hunters with MSE Color Out of Space. Color’s main discipline is eventing so Alicia still gets a familiar rush from that.

    Owns: MSE Color Out of Space [Dutch Warmblood], Fae's Jorōgumo [Nez Perce]

    alt text

    alt text

    Evan Durden & Damien Gray

    Evan and Damien are the trouble-makers of the group. Well, mostly Evan. Having ridden many of MSE’s most notable horses (MSE Project Mayhem and MSE Fragile Ego included), Evan is not one for humility. His main horse is MSE Mistreated by Shadows (but, truth be told, that’s only because MSE Mass Hysteria is very young).

    While Evan excelled in the show jumping ring, Damien stuck mostly to show hunters. That’s changing a little as his partner’s tastes have grown on him and he is venturing more into show jumping and equitation. His main horse is MSE Santa Destroy.

    Owns: MSE American Eulogy [Budyonny cross] (Damien), MSE Santa Destroy [Akhal-Teke x Anglo-Arabian] (Damien), MSE Toe the Line [Wielkopolski] (co-owned by Damien & Evan), MSE Mass Hysteria [Trakehner] (Evan), MSE Mistreated by Shadows [Ukrainian Riding Horse] (Evan)

    alt text
    alt text

    alt text

    Zach Fairchilde

    Zach is an eventing and dressage rider which is reflected in his two horses. Martyr, shown with him here, is an eventing stallion and Cardholder doubles in both dressage and Western dressage. Zach has typically stayed to the sidelines though he has been with MSE as long as the others. He is more reserved than the others, but just as talented.

    Owns: FAA Cardholder's Fate [American Saddlebred], MSE Celebrity Martyr [Akhal-Teke]

    alt text

  • Ohh good, i loooove all you'r horses and you'r staff! I'm really looking forward to know more about your horses and follow you! :D
    And those facilities.. Ohhh gosh! can i move in? :heart_eyes: I promise to be nice little Gina? Or at least try. :sweat_smile:

  • Your photos are always your photos. Your style's been iconic for years.

    But hello there Mass Hysteria :smirk:

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